Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hiruscar, a Story.

You know, i have a very acne prone skin, and so i have lots lots and lots of acne scar. This is the main reason i rarely post my FOTD in my blog, beside the fact that i want it to be a place to post my beauty collection only.

Sometimes, my face isn't that bad. I got several months of a very good condition, and it's going bad again. Perhaps, it's because of the product i tried, or the environment, or just my hormone.

I was in a bus, somewhere in Hongkong at the first time i saw an media advertising of Hiruscar. I don't remember exactly about that ads, but all i know is i need to go to the nearest Watson from my uncle's place to get this. Long story short, i got a tube, brought it home, tried it and love it. Oh and i asked my cousin to get some extra backups when she went to HK a month later.

Now, for my condition. That time, i also bought some Meiji Amino Collagen (which i never write a review about, but you might have heard about it) as i think some collagen would be good for me. I drank it a spoon a day, religiously, for several months together with my hiruscar. And you know, i got an amazing result. Most of my acne scar are faded and the other areas are getting better. Do i need to say i'm loving this combo? :D

Then i started to realize i got some extra cute little pimple everyday. As i stated above, i know i have an acne prone skin, and it's not a new thing for me. But i do some research (google-d) and i think it's because of collagen i consumed. Then i only drank collagen every two or three days. And i stopped using Hiruscar religiously.. Oh well, i know it was my fault.

I was trying to use Hiruscar again, but it never works as it used to be. Maybe because i'm stopped consuming Collagen or what. But i'm still continue using my backups (the last tube, btw) and hoping for a good result.

Some picture you ask? Here they're :)

I think this packaging are the old one, or this one is for HK region? Dunno.

The product i have is made in Thailand.

They also included a broschure about Hiruscar, it's function, and how long do you need to removing a scar. For example, you need a month for surgery's scar and 3-6 months of use for acne scar.

I think it's also depend on kind of scar you have and how bad they're. But now, as long as i know, Hiruscar also have another version for post acne scar only and maybe it's more effective.

The ingredients, if you're care about them.

It doesn't contains of parabens, but has DMDM hydantoin instead. And there's fragrance stated in the latest part, but i never got any scent at all.

The tube is sealed with something aluminium like, and it can easily stick with the stick on it's cap.

Hiruscar has a gel texture, no scent (which i've mentioned above) and completely transparent so you can use it day and night without any problem. It tooks several minutes to be absorbed and i usually use it after toner (in "essence" level).

Even if it doesnt work as well as it used to be, it's still doing some help for the new acne scar. If i use it right after i pinch my acne (stop do it!!!), it would help to make my scar gone in 3-7 days.

I wouldn't repurschase, but will try the post acne version later.


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