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Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer "Nude" Comparison Swatch

Laura Mercier has been known for their Tinted Moisturizer. Well i have 3 of them, 2 in sample size (creme compact and regular tinted moisturizer with SPF 20) and 1 is from a set so it's in 1 oz size (Oil free tinted moisturizer). All of them in the shade "Nude", so i think i need to write this for my blog.

After trying some bb cream from 2012 and 2013, i think none of them really works for me. Well, some are works, but they're always causing some breakout on me. Tinted moisturizer, in this case Laura Mercier's, are low on that aspect. And none of them oxydize on me, so it's a plus.

There they are!

Oil free TM, 1 oz size.
Regular TM, 0.15 oz (sample size).
Both has SPF 20.

The font logo has been fading, but it's Laura Merciers.
Mine is in 0.09 oz or 2.6g.
It's come with mini sponge too, but i haven't use it.

My "nude" tinted moisturizer family.
Here, i will not only focus to swatch comparison, i would also add few other differenciation.

Looks gross, i know.
Judging by the color directly from the packaging, they're in the same family but not really the same.

For skin-swatch here from left to right : oil free tinted moisturizer, regular tinted moisturizer and creme compact tinted moisturizer.

First pict : Heavy Swatch

Second pict : Lightly blended

Third pict : Completely Blended

Nude is described as light beige for fair to light skintones.

Oil Free TM is the have the most yellow undertone. While the Regular one has the less yellow undertone.
Regular TM giving the most glowy finish and sheerer coverage. I always blot my face before applying powder with this. If you love glowy finish, take this one.
Creme Compact TM giving the best coverage. I can also do concealing with it.

The one with most yellow undertone, Oil Free TM, match my skintone best when fresh applied, but after several hours (and my face being oily) it made me look somehow muddy. Sometimes it's break me out too.
Talking about oil free, maybe it is but it doesn't have the best oil control at all. I still need to blot my face several times a day.

I rarely use Regular TM since it's so glowy and sheer. The oil control is nice, but a tad worse than her oil free sister.
I prefer to use it at night when i need more glow.

Creme Compact TM is my favorites. I love the coverage, oil control, no break out issue and how it could double as concealer. Even no brush needed here, your fingers would do the job.
Sadly, it's really expensive for a tinted moisturizer. Correct, it's expensive even for a foundation. On sephora, it's $45 for 0.26 oz ($52/oz). Sooo, no. I wouldn't repurchase it

My conclusion here is.. No matter how much i adore Laura Mercier's TM for qualities i've told you ealier, i wouldn't repurchase.
But i'm here to present you the comparison swatch, so i have to remind you that my opinion is subjective :)

If you love your Laura Mercier's and is okay to deal with the price, then take them.
If you love your regular or oil free one, you might want to try the creme compact.
if you're not on both side, just read it for additional information from me ^___^

see you,
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