Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My Perfect Nude Lip Color!

As a girl who loves make up, we're all looking for our perfect nude lip color right? No matter how much you love red, vampy or fancy lip color, nude is a need. It works for any lazy days and all.

So stu*id of me, i own all these products for year and don't even realize how good they're together.

Enough for intro, and here i announce them :

Maybelline Baby Lips
MAC Lip Pencil shade Boldly Bare (full review here, originally from MAC Rebecca Mosses Illustrated Nude Lip Kit)
Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss shade Dallas (featured on my post : for the love of Dusty Rose

I have such a dry lips so i need to add lip balm here, even if it doesn't contributing in color/shade. It is completely clear. And any other lip balm will do, it's just the one i currently use.

The picture has show you how close they're in spectrum. No wonder they could work superb together!
I was tried to make a step by step but found out that the pictures are too blur to use. Sorry. Please refer to original review of MAC Rebecca Mosses (link above) to see it closely.
All i do is :
Put lip balm on
After it's half dry, use lip pencil all over lip.
Add the lip gloss
Here's how it looks on my lips :
What do you think?
Not too orange, not too brown, and not too pink.
Goal reached.
(if it just one product rather than 3.. Oh well..)
This combination last about 2 hours with few sip of drink and 3 hours without drinking or eating.

And here's how it look on my face :

Okay, i'm cheating here. I use Samsung's beauty face feature to hide my large pores. The colors still kinda accurate though. Hopefully it gives you better idea about my new favorites ^^~

Thank you for reading me babbling around!

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  1. mau lip pencilnya hehe warna lipstick aku banget



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