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Beauty Wishlist # 1 in 2014

Hi ~ Happy Chinese New Year for those who celebrate it! Hope you have a happiness & prosperity as always! :)

Back to Make Up Land, i have some wishlist to share with you, complete with some review from my trusted beauty bloggers ^___^

Tarte EmphaEyes Amazonian Clay Waterproof Brow Mousse $28 for 0.1 oz
 (i want the one in Taupe. The one in pic is medium brown, but i can't find taupe on polyvore's list, so..)
As the name suggest, it's waterproof brow product in mousse form. Okay, not so mousse-y, i think it's more gel-liner form but well.
It's also come with dual ended brush that's seems so awesome.

Robyn from Brightest Bulb in Box said :
I have very little product or brand loyalty... but if this brow mousse had a flag, I would pledge allegiance to it every morning. If this is ever discontinued, the Tarte CEO may find me at her/his front step, weeping loudly.

Too Faced Few of My Favorite Things $56
  It's part of Too Faced's 2013 Holiday set, and i think it's the most populer one.. So no wonder if it's been sold out everywhere (i think).
Let's recall my experience with Too Faced holiday set..
2011 -  loving the "Sweet Dream set". I found out about this palette in mid 2012 so yes, it's sold out already and ebay's price are not reasonable for me.
2012 - loving and bought "Sweet Indulgence set". Yes i bought it, and after several week, it's only stay in my drawer. I love it, really, but i dont think i would ever ever use the one in bulky packaging like that. I ended up selling it.
2013 - loving "Few of My Favorite Things" but as you know, it's been too late.
But if anyone located in Indonesia have it and want to sell it, kindly send me email with your offering.. please?

Christine from Temptalia rate is as "B" and her comment is :
Overall, it's a decent palette with a variety of shades from neutral to color as well as finishes that range from matte to satin to frost. The cheek products tended to run warmer rather than cooler, though one shade was neutral to cool. The palette itself is slim and doesn't waste space; it feels as minimal as they could make it. There were definitely a few duds within the eyeshadows included in the palette (notably, Snowflakes, Moon on Their Wings, Woolen Mittens, and Party Time), which did bring down what otherwise felt like a good palette. These misses tended to be both sheer and powdery.
go and check her reviews there :

Urban Decay Naked 3 $52
Well i have naked 2, love it but.. i dont know.. Sometimes i dont think i need another eye shadow palette (currently, i have seven palettes) but Naked 3 with her Rose Gold theme is really something.
Sadly, 2 most beautiful shades from this palette are duds.
UD, if you really want to make a ground breaking palette (again), would you please make no duds in it?

There is some reviews about Naked 3 (if you haven't google it yourself) :

Urban Decay Ultra Definition Loose Finishing Powder $34 for 0.028 oz
Another wishlist from UD, yes. I have lots of breakout now, due to my stress, crazy eating habits and dairy product i consumed so i need to change. No pressed powder again, i will move to loose one.
While Laura Mercier's loose setting powder and Nars Loose Powder are also seems amazing, i think i want this one first.
It's expensive too but dont you think their naked line is gorgeous? and the packaging seems very travel friendly too!

Christine from Temptalia rated it as A+
It’s an incredibly finely-milled loose powder; it almost melts into skin because it is so, so fine. It feels like silk, and it blends and disappears into skin seamlessly. No matter how much I applied, it never looked powdery or cakey. My skin looked nearly flawless after applying this, and it mattified a good deal, but it didn’t leave my skin looking dull or flat.  The effect is quite lovely, especially for anyone who is looking to minimize the appearance of their pores, as this powder does an excellent job of blurring and smoothing the skin.  It’s a very breathable, featherweight formula, too, so it doesn’t feel heavy or like you’re wearing powder at all.  As a setting powder, it extends the wear of my foundation by an hour to an hour and a half and does minimize how much shine comes through overall.

Benefit Rockateur Box O'Powder $28 for 0.017 oz
You know how i love benefit Box o'powder blush (check my swatch comparison here) and while i didn't agree about how they reduce amount of product in their blush, in the same price as the older, i have to admit this one is pretty. I wonder how it's compare to Hervana, which later i found too light for my skintone now.

Christine from Temptalia rated it A :
 It has a baked feel, but it’s more finely-milled and smoother than traditional baked products. It’s rather like Laura Mercier’s Illuminators and Estee Lauder’s Gelees.  The color payoff was true-to-pan and buildable, so it could be applied at full intensity or applied with a lighter hand for something softer.  It has a very subtle satin finish that becomes more and more glow-inducing as it gets blended and buffed into the skin.  When I wore it, Rockateur lasted well for eight hours and started looking faded after nine hours of wear.  I didn’t notice it emphasizing pores or skin imperfections.

Musical Houses from also fan of it :
One of the things I really love about Benefit is their excellent ability to find a colour that is universally flattering, while still being interesting (think Bella Bamba and Hervana as particularly good case studies), and I do think this is part of the reason why there is such a following behind their boxed powders.

Hourglass Radiant Magenta Ambient Lightning Blush $35 for 0.015 oz
I am not really a fan of their favorites lightning powder, i am never been really loving a highlighter but they do getting my attention to this not-so-new brand.
I want to have something from Hourglass.. And they release new blush! It's infused with the lightning blush (in this case, Radiant Magenta blush infused with Ambient Lightning powder) and together create a shade thats not really true to pan.
Radiant Magenta seems Magenta in pan, but from online swatches, i could tell you that it's somewhere between pink, peach and coral. Suprising eh?
I wish they would add more shade, something really magenta, the one that would be magenta on cheeks.
Until that, i'd keep my wish to get one of them.

Tiffany from will work for make up write an interesting review:
So, I know you all must be wondering now - is it worth the hype? In all honesty, I think it's difficult for a powder blush to truly be revolutionary anymore. If you're someone who has plenty of blush already that you're happy with, although beautiful, these probably won't add much to your collection. On the other hand, if you're someone who just has a few staple blushes that they rotate through (I'm thinking like one really nice pink blush, one really nice peach blush, etc.), then you might just find one or two in this line worthy of being added to your routine line-up.
go find her review & look she create with dim infusion blush here :
 ps. well, i have like 4 or 5 shade looks like dim infusion and radiant magenta, so even if i really love to try it, there's no space (yet) for them in my stash.

Benefit Fake Up Crease Control Hydrating Concealer $24
I am a simple girl now, tinted moisturizer, bb cream and foundation are rarely use. But how about concealer? LOL.
My under eye area sometimes seems darker, due to my sensitive for any noise while sleeping habit, and no powder could cover it enough. I dont want to risk with concealer that are drying and make my eyes uncomfort.

Karen from Make up and Beauty Blog said :
For a brighter under-eye area, less visible dark circles and a lightweight look, just swipe under your eyes, and blend with a finger. The hydrating formula (decently moisturizing, but I wouldn’t give up eye cream for it) steers clear of my fine lines, too, and I swear it looks like real skin.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer $28
 Errr.. another concealer on wishlist? YES!
It's so highly hype, and from what i heard, could use under eyes and blemishes (dont be bored, but i have lots of breakout now).. Even i kinda doubt that i want something radiant and catchy on my blemishes..

at least Tiffany from will work for make up found it great for her blemishes :
Overall, I'm loving the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer for blemishes and hyperpigmentation, but the Armani Master Corrector in #1 (plus a concealer on top) is still my go-to for my under-eye area.

Nars Pro Prime Instant Line & Pore Perfector $28 for 0.05 oz
My only Holy Grail primer was the one from Innisfree Jeju Volcanic line (haven't review about it) but i dont think they still selling it. I need something new, in case i need my make up to stay longer and better.
I dont know if it's loads of silicones or not.. but if yes, i definately need to rid it out of my wishlist. Hopefully, not.

Cafe Make Up loves it :

Notice, although the effect of this primer is temporary, there are some anti-oxidants also provides some skin-care benefits. This product has a highly effective, magic wand quality against pores. Now you see them, now you don’t. The pore-elminating effect is immediateMy one request is to increase the size of the tube, because after I saw how wonderful this made my skin look I sort of wanted to use it over my entire body. I sort of wanted to take a bath in it, actually.

Sooo that's it (or that's it?)!
I'm working to clean my stash for some new product though. Someday i just seeing them and think that i have too many, but i need something new to cheer up my day ~

Oh well.


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