Thursday, December 6, 2012

Urban Decay's Weapon of Love in Lovechild

Urban Decay famously known for their eye shadow palette (naked, of course) and primer potion (UDPP). But surprisingly, their lipstick is good either, not the best in market maybe, but it's so lovely.. Just imagine you touch up your lip color using this, the most beautiful weapon for love, Urban Decay's lipstick 

Like another UDs, it's also packaged in clear box. Pretty, you definately can see anything inside .. And most of UDs are beautifully designed.

The shade name labelled in the top of the box.

Ha! here's the weapon.. it's remind me to Excalibur Sword .. The sword that can be pull by the one fated, hehe ..
Those sword made from steel while another part are from sturdy plastic.

UD also embossed their product with sword design! so pretty! i'd feel sorry when i reach it (╥﹏╥)

the first time i opened it, i was a lil bit surprise with the sheer vanilla scent.. not disturbing, just Lovely 。◕‿◕。

here the swatch on my hand.. quite sheer right? i only swatch the pointed part.

top : bare lips, below : using UD Lovechild.

When i ordered it, i wasn't sure how's the color would shown up, but when i get it, i just remember a lip shade i've wanted for so long! Love it :)

The shade isn't too bright, nor too pale. It's just pretty. And when i need my lips but better shade, i'll wear it sheer-ly (*´▽`*)

The formula is creamy, and last about 3 hours on me. No staining too .. it's the best part (☆▽☆)v

Love :
pretty packaging
pretty shades
creamy, not drying my lips
no staining
quite long lasting
affordable (i bought it when it's on $3 sale, through pre order system)

Dislike :
sometimes the sword hurt me
unavailable in indonesia

It's going to be my favorit one .. hehe ..

thanks for reading, hope you enjoy it  ( ´ ▽ ` )οΎ‰


  1. I love the packaging.. It's really unique xD
    It's very pretty on your lips ^^

  2. Agree with piedev. Love the packaging!

    *new follower

    wanne check mine? see if you like it :))

  3. haven't tried out UD lipstick before. the color seems suitable for daily use. it looks good onyou anyway. :D

    1. Thank you dear :)

      It's pretty for daily use and special ocassion though :j

  4. I have a bunch of different eyeshadow kits from UD but no lipsticks. This is super cute! I love the color.

    1. This is my 1st one .. Haha .. I was fell in love with the packaging, but lovechild is soo pretty ;)

  5. I like reading your reviews, but I noticed something that bothers me and I hope you don't take this as me being rude, but you use the word 'either' in place of the word 'too', which means the opposite. Instead of "their lipstick is good either", the correct way is "their lipstick is good too." The word 'either' has a completely different meaning. I've noticed this in a few of your posts so I just thought I'd let you know.


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