Sunday, September 30, 2012

♥ September 2012's favorites ♥

i knew this is new to my blog, but i've thinking about it since a long time. My favorites product might mean nothing for you, but as i love reading another bloggers favorites product, i decided to write about mine too. Hope you like it! ^^

My favorites are mostly from my newest purchase. But what can i say? i wanted them for long time and finally get it ~ so nice :)

What are they?

urban decay naked palette 2
shade # half baked in my palette is a little bit scratched by my nail because i was in hurry, and the closure won't work well :(
i love this palette so much, really, it's effortless (you can't go wrong!), very pigmented and long lasting, even without primer.

benefit how to look best at everything (without porefessional, i put my dandelion ultra plush gloss there XD)
truthfully, this box is too big for my make up pouch, i planned to move "hello flawless" powder into another box (maybe feelin dandy) so it would be easier for me to carry them together.
I love benefit ultra plush lip gloss, it doesnt like any other lip glosses i've tried. It's soft, not sticky, has good fragrant and leaving my lips with very smooth feeling (☆▽☆)
definately a good item-to-go, right? that's why i put it together with the kit, instead of porefessional.

~ read full review about the kit here

benefit high beam
last month, i would prefer using benefit dandelion, but i found high beam gives longer brightening effect and easier to carry around. Dandelion is way too big to my pouch. Maybe i'll use it more often after i depot it XD

benefit powderazzi
i love all shades in this palette, especially coralista (for blush) and hoola (for contouring). They work really great together!
~ full review & swatch here

skinfood banana concealer
i love to use skinfood banana concealer to add coverage, since benefit boing alone is not enough for me. And i need to finish it faster .. haha ..

urban decay stash # rehab
it's another helpful product from urban decay.
Whenever i'm in hurry -no time for primer, e/s and brushes etc- i'd use this one. I love how pretty the shade is, how easy to use and how well it stay on my lid.

daiso eye brow pencil # black
If you have daiso in your town, go and take this one. I bought it for only RM 5 (or about idr 15,000) and it works like magic!
i have a quite bold eye brows and never think to add more by eye brow pencil, but after shaping my eyebrows, i think i might need a helper to support new shape i got. I put no expectation for a very cheap product like this (i know, shame!) but i can't be happier with this one. Review coming soon ^^

sleek highlighter and contour brush
i kneew it's discontinued item, and i love love it so much (*/∇\*)
i almost do my blush and contour with it. It used to come with Sleek Contouring Kit, but they've took the brush out of set.
it helps me use blush and contouring, take the good amount of pigment and blend like dream. I know, unbelievable right?

my new "how to look best at everything kit" XD

the last part is skincare favorites, they're :

nature republic 92% aloe vera
someone has email me, asking where to get it in Jakarta, and so sorry i doesn't provide a good answer that time, since i didn't put enough attention for it, but now i'm telling my readers that nature republic has opened their new store in Lippo Karawaci, Tangerang.
you can read a post about it in Kindinia's blog :)

as i said in my review about 92% aloe vera, i love it so much and definately will repurchase it (it's only 49,000 idr in their counter!). My latest find is it's work GREAT for face moisturizer, wouldn't oxydize, and add more coverage! crazy right?

neutrogena norwegian hand cream
it's small but does a great job for my chapped hands and feet!
the direction on product said it also can be use as lip conditioner, but no, i have another product for it XD
and since it's in tube form, it's more hygienic than my other hand cream ..

what's your september favorites?
will it be continue on october?
let's just see .. ^^


  1. waw, link blogku dimasukkan ke postmu. hohooo
    mba belanjaannya koq yahud banget yah.
    aku pengen banget loh beli naked tapi apa daya lagi proses menabung, high beamnya juga bikin mupeng. hehee

    1. hohoho .. gapapa kan? :D
      *sebenernya mo bilang kemaren tapi apa daya kelupaan T__T

      diterusin nabungnya say, ak pengen naked dari januari kemaren kok, baru kesampean september XD

  2. Wohoo nice post. This is the first time I've heard of the Skinfood Banana concealer lol looks like something I would try.

    1. it's got a funny name, haha .. nothing looks and feel like banana, just the color XD

      it's cheap thought, i think it's about 5$ each here. I dont know how much korean product's price marked up in Canada .. :(

  3. aku mau high beam nyaa... sama powderazzi nya juga deh.. hihihi... mupeng deh sama koleksi Benefitnya..

    1. hihihi .. fans benefit juga toh XD

      ak iri ama burberry nyaaa .. kapan kebeli yak .. hahaha ..


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