Sunday, January 25, 2015

China Glaze Apocalypse "Dont Let The Dead Bite"

So, here’s  my first nail polish review!
As far as I know, China Glaze doesn’t have official store in Indonesia yet. I bought mine online.

china glaze dont let the dead bite

 China Glaze bottle is round, and the top of their plastic cap is embossed with China Glaze’s symbol. I like this part because somehow remind me to Divergent series’ stone, haha. There’s a small ball inside their bottle to help customers sure the polish is well mixed before use. Or maybe it’s because their polish come with hardener.

china glaze dont let the dead bite, bottom view

“Don’t Let The Dead Bite” (DLTB) is part of their haloween collection called Apocalypse Collection. This one caught my attention the most. It’s unique and popular among bloggers (I know, I’m a blogger and I can’t stop drolling over bloggers favorites).

sorry, it's hard to makes my camera focus on the brush only

 It has the same brush as any other China Glaze that I own. It’s long enough to reach bottle’s base but not wide that you could use one swipe all over your finger. I think it’s feels like traditional nail brush but modernize so you could move it around easily.

DLTB is milky pink based with red flakes in various size. Some say they have pink flakes either, but mine certainly doesn't. They're all red and a bit metalic which was supposed to seems like bleeding finger for haloween. As pictures below, on me it doesn’t shown like that. I think it’s cute and girlie enough without being gothic.

 I’m using 2 layers with top coat. Base and layer is Revlon Grow 10. 
TIPS : swipe your brush only once in one area. Don’t do double swipe because it does move the flakes around. If you think you doesn’t put enough glitter, wait til it’s dry before layering. Better use another non-glitter jelly polish as base before DLTDB.

Sadly, I have little luck with China Glaze because they’re usually chip badly on 3rd day. As comparison, OPI and Sally Hansen could last til day 7th. Wet n Wild last about 4th day and Revlon Nail Enamel Vernis (the cheapest one) only last less than 24 hour.

As summary..

Pretty shade
Limited Edition
Easy to apply

Last only 3 days on me
Hard to find, makes it expensive here.

Okay, i think i've wrote all that i knew. If you want to know anything more, ask me in comment :)

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  1. wow bagus bgt warnanya~ kayaknya cocok bgt dgn musim semi~

    coba check kecantikan korea


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