Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tarte Exposed, Review & Swatch

I'm just so crazy into blush!

while i'm still stick to urban decay's naked palette, i can't stick to any blush. I love to use different blush everyday, or every time i'm going out. So in future, i'll post more about blush .. and let's start with this one.

Truthfully, it's already stay in my drawer for about 3 months and i only use it 2-3 times. I think the red-rose understone is just pop my acne scar out. It's like my acne scar are getting worse while it's doesn't, so in last week i want to sell it and use the money for another blush on my wishlist. But one of my friend telling me, how crazy i am, tarte exposed is one of most wanted item between beauty blogger around the world, and many people love it. Why don't you try it again before make decision?

I know tarte exposed is such a pretty blush, it's a nude blush with rose undertone. And it's looks pretty on the part where there's no acne scar. So i tried it again and found it's looks good!
I still have those acne scars but it's already getting better (thanks Dr. Lee! thanks for Mandelic Acid too!), and with some help from concealer, i found it worth to keep 
ヽ(∀゜ )人( ゜∀)ノ

the packaging is so simple, just a clear box covering it. It's like Urban Decay's clear box, but Tarte put they're product name and ingredients in those clear box, while UD aren't.

i hope the pic is good enough so you can read the ingredients there ^^

tarte product's are formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, synthetic fragrance & SLS (sodium laureth sulfates).

Tarte Exposed's packaging is sleek, sturdy and simple with Tarte's logo and low decoration,  the same with another tarte amazonian clay blush.

Tarte Exposed is made in USA (the explanation why it's kinda expensive, *lol) and contains of 5.6g products or 0.20 oz which will last you very long time.

i saw there's many beauty blogger or even shop showing exposed as a very brown in pan. It isn't! It's pretty soft brown with soft pinky rose. I think in this picture it's seems cooler then in real life.
I took another picture below.

I took it under natural light, yes, it's seems more brown but not as cool as picture above. Well, maybe i have to try again.
What i want to say is if you afraid about the scary brown color they looks like in online store, no it's doesn't that horrifying.

I always adore tarte's embossed on the blush, it's pretty!
sadly, the one on my Tarte Dollface are already going to be gone :(

and here's the size comparison with my travel-size Tarte Dollface (review and swatch here)
They both have same design, just different in color. All tarte blushes outside's packaging are showing the color inside.

.. and there's the swatch ..
(please please see the picture carefully)
on my skin, tarte exposed's rose undertone show up very well (that's why it's made my acne scar look worse) and will turn nudey after several minutes.

if you've saw my picture's carefully, it's a soft brown with red undertone. Can you see the brown-ish?

and do you remember my Sleek Suede?
it's a soft brown with peach undertone. Since Exposed and Suede have the same brown-ish color but different undertone, i took the comparison picture as below :

this picture show them well *in my opinion*
suede seems peachy while exposed seems rose-y.
they're both very pretty and pigmented ^^

what i Love about Tarte Exposed :
sleek packaging so it's easy to travel with
full sized mirror
doesn't cause me breakout
no fragrance
very pigmented
a nudey, everyday color
there's a small hole behind packaging to help if i want to depot it

what i don't like about Tarte Exposed :
hard to find in Indonesia
doesn't last long, it's only stay for 5-6 hours on me while Sleek Suede stay for 7-8 hours or more in good condition
no brush

Will i repurchase it? No, it's very hard to finish one.

have you try any tarte's blush?
what do you think about it?


  1. me likey tarte blush!! di gue si exposed ini harus di swipe berkali baru keluar warnanya...

    1. LalaLuna, coba pake powder blush atau ecotools bronzer brush say, ngangkat :D

      Paling bagus pake brush nya sleek sih, tapi udah dc :(

  2. I have suede but after seeing this blush swacthes, i think i'll love tarte exposed more!♥


    1. Jovee, take tarte exposed, I'm waiting for your review and fotd ♥(>̯┌┐<)•°

  3. thanks for sharing.


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