Friday, February 20, 2015

Nivea Daily Protection Sun Lotion Light Feeling SPF 25 PA ++

It’s been so long since I crave for body sunscreen that would meet my expectation :
  • Cheap, because it’s something we use a lot in daily basis. Remember that you need to reapply sunscreen every some time?
  • Light feeling because I do not work in Air Conditioner’s room, so I hardly avoid a little sweating. Hot weather doesn’t help.
  •  Has clearly written SPF number and PA. Just to be sure how many protection I got and when I need to reapply.

.. Plus no offensive smell. It’s killing me.

Thankfully, as I said in my post about beauty product I loved in 2014, I meet Nivea Daily Protection Sun Lotion Light Feeling SPF 25 PA ++.

Okay, the SPF number is the one caught me. Thank you!

This little one clearly meet all my need. It’s clearly written SPF and PA, light feeling and considering I bought it for  IDR. 15,000/100 ml bottle when It was on launching sale, it’s really cheap. Later I found it’s normal price is IDR. 25,000/100ml. Not so much cheaper than Vaseline’s, the one with SPF number written on. Vaseline’s usually retailed for IDR. 30,000/100ml bottle.

back of bottle, and ingredient list (click to enlarge)
Okay, I’m not an ingredient expert, I took the information from here and there (source will be written in the end of post) to keep my post handy. Not only for my reader, but also for my own self.

Sun Protection Ingredient in Nivea Light Feeling SPF 25 PA ++  are :                                         
  • Ethylhexyl Salicylate : used to absorb UV B rays from the sun. It has oily consistency and emits mild floral fragrance.
  •  Octocrylene :  has ability to absorb both UV A and B. However, it can penetrate into skin and act as photosensitizer, resulting and increase production of free radical or in sort, potential carcinogen side effect. But, those are just resulted in product with high concentration of Octocrylene.  
  •  Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane : is also known as Avobenzone. Is an oil soluble sunscreen agent and being in “Chemical” sunscreen category. It protects skin against entire UV Rays. Avobenzone tends to significantly degrade over time under light, causing needs to use it together with more photostable ingredient like Octocrylene.

Perfume has listed as latest ingredient on list, no wonder it doesn’t strongly smell like another nivea product, and the scent isn’t last long. Nivea’s scent usually killing me, too offensive for my own liking. Lucky this one is not, still the same scent but much lighter.

sorry for messy look, it's been almost empty

actual product
True to be said it’s has light formula and easy to apply. Not as easy as gel lotion, but still in light category. I’ve given it to some friends to and all said it’s light and lovely.
More importantly, it does keep my skin from darkening while sun is up outside.

Light formula
Locally available
Has SPF number written on
Both UV A and B protection (broad spectrum)
Less offensive smell

Only available in 100ml bottle

Rating : 4.5 out of 5
Highly Recommended!

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