Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Short Review of Secret Key Salt Fantastic Soothing Gel

I know it’s so dying to find very few review about Korean product, so though I know it’s so late, I’d still write about Secret Key’s Salt Fantastic Soothing Gel.

Product description (taken from :
  • All in one Toner, Emulsion, Essence and Cream
  • Contains dead sea salt with full mineral content, offering osmotic pressure effect to emit impurities and create clean skin.
  • Excellent for exfoliating and moisturizing skin to remain fresh and moisturize for hours.
  • Contains chamomile flower extract, rosemary leaf extract, witch hazel extract and portulaca extract from vegetable to soothe sensitive skin by stimulation
  • Contains Birch salp, aloe leaf extract, glacier water and sodium hyaluronate offer to moisture skin to create moisturized skin without dryness
  • Refreshing and light gel texture offer refreshing feeling as soon as touch the skin
  • Paraben, mineral oil, benzophenone, phenoxyethanol, ethanol, steroid, and triethanolamine free. Save for sensitive skin.

Sorry but I don’t get point in no.5.. I think once you get moisturizer, then it makes your skin moist. What is moist without dryness? Haha.. 

In front of bottle (can't be read through pict though) saying :
Light type soothing gel cream like floating on water
This cream can be use for four seasons. It contains salt ingredient so it protect your skin from external stimulus and polluted environment. Botanical extract help to soothe your skin so it's good for sensitive skin.

What would match this baby better than sand beach? The picture is not very clear because it's 98% empty haha..
The packaging is made from thick plastic and even the closure seems like aluminium, it's plastic too. It has 250 ml product inside.
The label is sticker and not printed. I imagined to use it as the real Salt jar after i finished this. Cute or crappy?

 Back side information is not super clear either, but it's all Hanggeul and yeah.. You can read the information above ^__^

Since it’s a toner, emulsion, essence and cream all in one, I usually use it right after washing my face and go straight to make up step.
If you’re using first treatment essence (or any fermented product that supposed to apply right after cleansing), use Salt Fantastic Soothing Gel after that.
When I have acne or bumps, I’d use my acne treatment step after Salt Fantastic Soothing Gel and continue to make up step.

 Told ya, it's almost emptly. But still, you can see the gel is sky blue. It's not too thick, even somewhat runny.
It's strongly smell like Salt *duh* but it won't transfer to your face.

As well as any other gel type product, it does super easy to absorb and leaving no sticky residue behind. I have oily skin, and it doesn’t feel very moist. I guess if you have dry skin, it’s alone wouldn’t be enough for you. Good thing it doesn’t enchance my oil production and leave my skin just like it is.
Being gel type means it doesn’t give any help in coverage like cream moisturizer does. However if you’re simple girl and just using powder after gel, Salt Fantastic Soothing Gel provide a little help to make your powder stick.

PROs :
Light on skin
7 free product
All in one product, though its not very necessary
Travel friendly

CONs :
Despite than it's claim, i think it's just another gel moisturizer
Not locally available

Rating : 3/5

 I think it's a nice, practical product to have specially when i feel lazy to use some layer of product on my skin.

Thanks for reading, hope that helps! :)

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