Thursday, February 12, 2015

first step is (NOT) the hardest

The First Step is The Hardest. - Marie De Vichy-Chamrond

Especially if you want to make something special, an once-in-lifetime moment. Like a wedding, for us, the bride-to-be. Planning from a to z is never simple. And we all want everything perfect right?

Luckily, we have to help making bride-to-be first step far more easier. Why?
.. Because they have a complete wedding vendor list for all your need
Literally. They divided it to 21 major section : Bridal, Catering, Decorating & Lightning,Wedding Dress, Entertainment (DJ, MC, Music), Event Rentals, Favors & Gifts, Flowers, Wedding MakeUp, Health & Beauty, Honeymoon, Invitations, Jewelry, Men’s Formal Wear, Photography, Venue, Videography, Wedding Cake and Wedding Planner.
Twenty-One things are much and I myself don’t know what else do a bride would need?
And all is one place. Aaah~ talking about practicality! Even if you have no specific wedding dream, with it, you would.

the vendor list
all sorted by location and budget

.. Because it’s practical!
There, I said it again, practical! They’re not just throwing vendor list, but also their portfolio and price list. Yes, I don’t think it’s easy to ask a vendor about price and some of us are a lil’ bit tight in budget. Not anymore, because in most of them has their price listed. And if they’re not, once you click feature “save vendor”, they’ll notice you and most of them will send their price list right to your email box. And they have their contact number and all in their information too.
No more rolling around, trying to find their contact and all! Just click and wait. I love technology! No matter where you are and where you want your wedding to be held : Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Lombok, Madura, Makassar, or anywhere in Indonesia. Just search yourWedding Vendors at Bridestory.

I Wish I’d have a Wedding in Ayana ~ someday. 

.. Because it’s lovely to looking around.
Bridestory recently has their own wedding blog which provide information about relationship and previous amazing wedding for your inspiration. I found my self loving this part most. Here I learn more about relationship, wedding planner, pre-wedding ceremony, budget and drolling for amazing wedding they have.
My favorite story? “Love at The First Sight : Will and Yoon Shin. I love how they go through everything and ended in marriage. beautiful wedding, really.. 
My favorite advice is aboutThe Most Important Character to Look In For a Relationship”. Seriously, read it to the end and feel the soul.

the blog look, pretty and clean.

Being a beauty blogger, of courseeee I concern for bride looks. Here’s some make up I do love :

Source : JJ Bride Jakarta 
.. a simple but cute and elegant look!

Source : nita gunawan 
.. a classy one. Not superbold eye brows, everything is simple yet elegant and classy. Timeless.

See the pattern here? I love simple and classy look. Just a better version of daily look..

If you believe great eye brow will enchance the whole look, and here’s my faves :

Eye brow being the center of attention? Why not?

Or maybe bold lips is your signature look?

Source : philip kwok

Classy, timeless, elegant and bold lips. LOVE.

If you’re a bride-to-be, or even just starting to dream about a wedding, this is a place for you. Take a look and have FUN!

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