Sunday, February 5, 2012

Definately MLBB with Lovely Me:Ex Jelly Tint

Another post! Yayyyy~~

*i use another software to edit my picture in this post, i hope you like it! ^^

The Face Shop is another Korean Brand, easy to find in Indonesia but i prefer to get it from online store, cheaper and easy too ^^,

I always think that lovely me:ex is part of Face Shop for Pucca, but it's not! Some of Face Shop's lovely me:ex doesnt have pucca on it.

Lovely Me:Ex came in some colors, but the most popular one is #1 Cherry. I bought it after i read about it in sparkleapple. Not exactly the same, i got different shade (see the different girl in front of it).

I dont have many idea to describe it .. The appearance is like another lip gloss, with smooth wand as aplicator. Inside, it's texture is like jelly, a little bit sticky but still acceptable, i can use my finger or my own lips to spread it. Things i dont like is what it smell like : bitter strawberry bubble gum. I dont know, it's quite remind me of that.

.. and how it's looks on my lips?

definately MLBB (My Lips But Better)!
When using it, it smell is not that bad. And because it's sticky, it's harder for it to go without i'm noticing it :)

i do some research on online store and found it's around IDR 48,000 - IDR 65,000

Love it or Hate it?
So-so. I like it but not using it everyday, i prefer to use my Maybelline Moisture Extreme :D

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