Monday, May 13, 2013

First Impression : Etude White Moistfull First Essence

Annyeong ~

Several months ago, when i purchased korean beauty product, i got Etude White Moistfull First Essence in sample size. I never noticed about it before, so i give it a try.

Etude claimed it as following :
Etude House Moistfull White First Essence is an especially formulated moisturizer that keeps the skin perfectly hydrated while locking in moisture.  It gives the skin protection from external irritants as well without causing pore blockages or excessive sebum production.

it feels like water, just a tad thicker

On me, this sample size is enough for 2 times used. I used it in afternoon and evening in the same day.

What i noticed are :

  • light feeling like i'm not using anything
  • quick absorbed
  • doesn't make my face more oily
  • kinda moisturizing
  • doesn't break me out

I didn't notice any whitening effect as i think it supposed to be (because the name saying "white moistfull" even etude doesn't claimed that). And it's not really special.
I think i wouldn't buy the full size bottle. Perhaps i can find something outside that works better.

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  1. i have the full sized and I'm using it for a month now and haven't noticed any whitening or brightening effect

    1. oh well, then i dont think i'd purchase the large bottle, if there's another better option X))

      thanks for sharing! :)


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