Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Heroine : Ecotools Bamboo Bronzer Brush

It's been a long time since i did a brush review ~

Actually, i'm going to be lazier to write a review. I guess it's because i spent too many times google-ing (is it even a word? haha) about beauty product : fotd, eotd, lotd, swatch, review .. and discuss it. My head is kinda full now >____<"

So let's makes my own review!

As you might know, i'm a blush junkie. Especially the pigmented one, because they have longer staying power and a little goes VERY long because you only need a few amount, right?

And you maybe know, most of the pigmented blushes are hard to blend. Sometimes stipping brush are not helping. What to use?

Let me introduce you to my beloved heroine : Ecotools Bamboo Bronzer Brush *^___^*

As long as i know, Ecotools using a synthetic hair brush. And the bristle is made from light weight wood.

If you found that mine is quite different with the one in market right now, it's because mine is the old version brush. The new version seem has fewer hair and different bristle color.


see how fluffy is this? ^____^

now to the proof ..

remember this blush swatch?
The top one, Instain Toile and the bottom one, Sleek Lace are ultra pigmented blush. They tend to leave stain on skin, and they're very hard to blend *____*

So this is what i'm doing for that type of blush : Swipe, Swipe and Swipe using ecotools bamboo bronzer brush!

can you see the result? very well blended!
but see what happened to Benefit Bella Bamba swatch (the middle one) which is not staining? they're all gone!

My beloved heroine works really well for ultra pigmented blush. But i will never suggest it to be use for soft blush.

For the price (i think i purchased it at 120,000 idr), it does a good job. As long as i remember, i didn't find any hair loss during the washes.

If you love a fluffy, well made brush, then get your hand for it.
It's worth every cents ^o^

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