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The Balm Instain Powder Blush in Houndstooth (Review, Swatch, Comparison)

Hi Pretty ~
i'm finally back with another instain powder blush review, in the shade "Houndstooth" which is (according to the balm) suit for spring. I know we doesn't have spring in Indonesia, but i think it's suit this day's weather, when it's hot-but sometimes can be cloudy-or raining.

Houndstooth has a half side of a pretty elegant woman wearing lovely purple hat on it's cover.
And it's designed like magazine's cover, with some magazine feature around the face.
Personally, i like Houndstooth's woman than Toile's. The half-side face seems more lady-like for me (*/∇\*)

Like another blushes from the Balm, Houndstooth doesn't have Talc, Fragrance and Parabens in the ingredients.

Houndstooth is about the same size with The Balm Sexy Mama you might has familiar with.
It's about 7.5 x 5.3 cm and contains of 0.2 oz or 5.5g of product.

As the name suggested, Houndstooth has houndstooth pattern bordering the pan.
The words above it's mirror are the same with another Instains.

If you're curious, the blush is just like that when i received it. It's a lil bit hard to remove, but it doesn't affected the quality in my opinion.

Now into swatch ..

I swatch it over Revlon Colorstay Foundation in "Sand Beige", so you can clearly see how it would look like over foundation.

The Balm described Houndstooth as "mauve", and according to web swatch, it supposed to be more brown. 
On my skin, it's turn pinker and has quite lavender undertone, while it's still being mauve.
Bad description, i guess?
Oh well, my pic can speak more than million words ┐('~`;)┌ 

Houndstooth is quite easy to blend, compared to Toile. The under side is it's also doesn't stay as long as Toile. While toile could stay for eight hours on my skin, Houndstooth is only able to stay about six hours on my skin before it's start to faded. In my opinion, houndstooth is as staining as toile does.

Houndstooth is neutral enough to be use daily, with heavy eye make up or alone. Below i pick some blush to compare with my new baby houndstooth :

on the far left, there's tarte amazonian clay blush in exposed (my review about it is here) and i'm happily seing the pattern is almost gone,
in the middle there's the balm instain houndstooth
and on the far right, there's the famous benefit box o powder hervana which i haven't write a review about (;¬д¬)
UPDATE : I've reviewed benefit hervana here :

Tarte Exposed is a nude, a neutral plum with hint of pink. It's all matte and most pigmented among the three.  It could last up to 8 hours on my skin. Talking about price, Exposed is retailed for $25 for 0.20 oz or 5.6g.

The Balm Houndstooth is a mauve and has slightly sheen finish. Compared to tarte exposed and benefit hervana, Houndstooth has medium pigmentation which could last about 6 hours on my skin. It's retailed for $22 for 0.2 oz or 5.5g.

Benefit Hervana is described as "soft orchid blossom flush" but because it's made from four individual shade, the color appear might slightly different from swatch to swatch. But in average, they created a soft warm pink with subtle peach undertone and has satiny shimmer sheen (according to temptalia).
They doesn't carry lots of pigmentation alone, so do when they're together.
While Hervana wins in term of buttery texture (houndstooth is the hardest while exposed is not as buttery as hervana), it lost in pigmentation and staying power. Hervana could only stay on my skin about 4-5 hours.
Retailed for the most expensive price among the three, hervana contains of more product  (0.28 oz) and it's the only one that has brush included in.

i guess i've write a lot about hervana here, didn't i? (o*・ω・)

If there's a question, if i have tarte exposed and or benefit hervana, do i need houndstooth?
I'd say yes.
This lady-like blush is a love.

my other review of the balm's blushes :

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