Sunday, June 8, 2014

Original Source British Strawberry Shower Gel

Original Source is now easy to be find in Indonesia. I saw them in Guardian, Carrefour, Hypermart and so on. To add more excitement, the price is not as high as another bathing brand from around the world, and hey, it's also cruelty free!

Me, as usual, have a tendencies to try new product in market and tried several variant of shower gel from Original Source (hopefully could do the review of all of them). This one is a seasonal edition (not sure if it's limited though) and unlike the others that has the number of something the add to the gel (82 sunshine for vanillas, etc), this one hasn't.

 Obviously, i bought it because i think it would be a good complement for my Strawberry Body Polish, but it doesn't really match.

Original Source is originally came from UK.
I am not sure why it's named British Strawberry Shower though.. Does it supposed to have a scent of British Strawberry or what?
The product itself is manufactured in Thailand so yeah i think it's hard to get the real british strawberry right in thailand.

The packaging is the same for all original source's shower gel. Flip-top in the bottom part.
There are some size of 250 ml in tube size, 500ml in plastic size and a mini travel friendly bottle. Mine is in 250ml size, i bought it during a sale for about idr. 19,000.

The guide of product : natural fragrance, tested on human, packed with natural stuff and the packaging is recyclable.
If you're familiar with Strawberry Shower Gel from The Body Shop, well, this one smell more synthetic or maybe it just the scent of British Strawberry i haven't smell directly.

okay the camera washed me out here. i am NOT that pale.

The product is tinted with orangey-red and it's medium-thick. It takes low to medium effort to spread it but the result is lovely. I barely noticed dirt remained after shower.
The scent is not last long though, but it just a shower gel right?

Well i wish Original Source makes body lotion to complete the line, makes a match scent to each other :)

If you haven't try this, well it's worth the try. But better to get it while it's on sale (which happen oftenly).
Have a nice day!

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