Saturday, November 17, 2012

Etude Proof 10 Eye Primer, Love It but ..

Hi Lovelies!

As eye shadow user, eye primer is an important things to complete your make up life. It's not only avoid your eye shadow from creasing and make it last longer, but it also help to make your eye shadow shades more pop.

In beauty-blogger area, there Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP) and Too Faced Shadow Insurance (TFSI) who get most attention, but they're on expensive side.. So let's try to find something else .. Mine is an affordable eye primer : Etude Proof 10 Eye Primer. I think it's about IDR 70,000 (approx. USD 8).

i think i've lost the box .. haha .. so no pic of it's box here.
as long as i remember, it's a royal blue box with picture of etude models wearing diving glass XD

i think i bought mine last March, but it's seems like i bought it several years ago, because it's name is faded .. and the down side is cracken >.<"

this bottle is made from plastic, i dont have any idea how could it cracken.. i dont remember if i ever drop this one. 

the etude label in korean words is still okay.

Like UDPP, Etude Proof 10 Eye Primer come with a wand, like the one you could find in lip gloss.

etude proof 10 eye primer swatched alone

if you blend it well, it will turns into transparant, make a pretty canvas for your eye shadow. But it dry very fast, and if you can't blend it fast enough, it will turn into light beige, which is bad if your skintone is fairer or deeper than light beige. Trouble, trouble, trouble.

etude proof 10 eye primer REALLY can pop your eye shadow shades.. see my picture above?
"mermaid" shade in my Too Faced Summer Time Sexy Eye shadow palette won't show up on my skin, and not as pretty as it supposed to be. Using Etude Proof 10, that problem solved!

Urban Decay eye shadow is so good in my opinion. They're good for day use without primer. But for night use, when you wish you have brighter eyes, primer is essential (even if you don't need to make them stay longer though).

here i did some test of waterproof-ness, i splash them with water and rub them .. shades with Etude Proof 10 Eye Primer stay well but the others without primer are faded.

Overall, i LOVE etude proof 10 eye primer, but their packaging is not my favorite. The name faded to easily and the bottle is not strong enough (maybe i've dropped it, and it meet something sharp, idk). Oh, and i wish it's shorter since long cap is a lil bit pretty but it's taking place.

have you try it? what do you think about it? ^^


  1. Ini eye primer favorite ku juga ^^
    I agree that it dry very fast.. Kadang kalau kelamaan ga di blend, yang ada jadi ninggalin bekas di kulit..
    nice review :)

    new follower ^^
    follback if you don't mind :)

    1. iya keringnya kelewat cepet ya :(

      sering ninggalin bekas, padahal sebenernya bagus .. harus langsung blend blend blend, hehe ..

    2. Btw, I nominated you here ^^

  2. ini bagus juga yah, tdinya kupikir ini kurang meyakinkan, sekarang malah jadi pengen,hee >,<

    1. imo, produknya bagus tapi packagingnya ga banget .. ada yg bilang 3 bulan bulu wandnya pada rontok >.<"

      nice to meet u though ;)

  3. wahh bagus juga tuh,aku lg cari eye primer juga hehe,prosesnya laama ini masuk daftar buat di sleksi sepertinya hahaha

    visit me dear,if you don't mind ^_^

    1. iya sih eye primer itu sebenernya butuh ga butuh .. haha ..

      visited ;)

  4. Hmmm...impressive. Love the packaging and based on your review, it really looks like a great product to try out. I'll go and check on this one.

    1. whoaa .. so good that you love the packaging, because for me, the packaging is the worst part..

      but check it out, the insider works wonder ;)

  5. I always use eye primer when making up, it makes me more beautiful


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