Friday, August 7, 2015

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

I rarely wear foundation nor BB cream these days, but when I do, I always use brush for application. One of my favorite is Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. It’s kinda affordable, easy to find, does its job well and easy to clean.
.. and I think I’ve wrote down everything, LOL.


The box is transparent and made from plastic. Some might prefer to use it for travelling, but I don’t.

I agree that is ultra firm, but some other foundation brushes are broader. Application as easy as 1-2-3, but if you're not careful, you might ended up with some brush stroke. Just fix it using this brush or make up sponge.

Expert face brush has orange handle means it supposed to use for base product.

Actual brush is kinda small, the shape and size is between paddle-shaped foundation brush and flat top brush. Because of its shape, it’s easy to apply at nose’ edge, eye’s corner and so on. Do your maneuver, girl!

Like most of Real Technique brushes, it has flat bottom so it can stand up alone. I personally seldom use this feature, but some of you might like it.

Is it just for foundation application? NO.
It can be use for any liquid base, cream blush and bronzer, and if needed, can be use for loose or pressed powder. Don’t make company’s suggestion your limit. Use it where you think and feel it might fit.

Locally available, in expensive price. I will always prefer online shop for make up buys.
Easy to clean
Leave just few brush stroke, easy to fix.
Synthetic. I just don’t like natural’s.
Not shedding.

Real techniques logo in it’s handle fade after a while (please note that mine is original)

I am still loving my Sigma kabuki brush for foundation, but Real Techniques Expert Face Brush is a great alternative with affordable price.
Hope that helps :)

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  1. One can never have enough real techniques brushes!!

  2. My favorite brand of brush! Cheap but great~

    My holy grail for applying foundation <3333


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