Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Very First Beauty Box .. Beauty Treats April Box.

 It wasn't so Me to write a post immadiately, right after the things came to me. But really, i need to review this.. So please do understand about the picture's quality.. I pictured them under room's light, and my camera doesn't work so well with low lightning.

I was really excited with beauty box. Oh maybe not really about the box, but with the excitement because there's two beauty box's brand release their first beauty box in Indonesia. I decided to give Beauty Treats a try, because it's cheaper (idr 95,000 compared to 125,000 i think?) and i they do give some interesting tips in their Facebook Page, LOL.

The brown box outside.
Nicely labelled with Beauty Treat's logo and added with logo "Sshh.. It's a secret!" which i forgot to pictured.

I dont know why did they labelled me as "MRS." while i haven't got married yet.

The second sorry, because i've opened the box before. And it was wrapped nicely with that cute pink ribbon, but in my picture, it's only frightened on the box.

Here, also because i've opened the box before, and i dont remember how they look before (i think i've been in hurry to know what i got inside!). In my picture, i've only put the card from Beauty Treats on everything.

Those card was handwritten.
Nice touch!

First, i got a complete sample set of Biokos's Derma Bright skincare routine. It's contains of cleanser, toner, serum, day cream spf 25 and night cream ranging from 10 to 7ml each.
According to Beauty Treats' brochure, it's worth 903.100 per set.
I dont know if i want to give this set a try. My skin isn't in their best condition and i afraid it would suit them.. Is there anyone has try them? What do you think?

Second, L'occitane's sample.
I think L'occitane is the best things in this box. I've wanted to try them for a long time.
There's L'occitane Pivoine Flora hand cream (10ml), Immortelle Precious Eye Balm (1ml), Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner (6ml each) and Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream (6ml).
I think it's a basic and every box got them. I dont know how much does they worth, only the hand cream is worth idr 40,000 according to brochure).

Third, another basic sample.
Contains of MUFE's travel mirror (so pretty!!!!!!!!!!), Lioele Nail Polish (i got mine in number 18 which is a shade between blue and purple) and Perfumies' Solid Stick (mine is in Forever Young scent).
All of them is in full size, and worth at least idr 70,000 each.

Fourth, Masami Shouko's.
There's Blotting Paper and Black Round Cleaning Sponge. Both are in full size and i think each of them at least worth idr 24,000 each.

Fifth, the part i really dislike : Vouchers.
There's Lioele voucher for minimum purchase idr. 300,000 and MUFE's for minimum puchase idr 1,000,000.
The Balm' voucher which labelled as "Free Make Up Flash" with no minimum puchase only can be use in Jakarta while i'm in Denpasar *sigh*.

Good things about it :
Full of excitement 
(one box to another contains of basic items and personal items)
Good value for the price
Contains of some full size items
The box is re-usable
Handwritten letter

Bad things about it :
Waiting for it is more exciting than the box itself
Contains of things i don't know i'd use or not
The box is un-recycle-able
Too much voucher i wouldn't use, and if i want to use it, it's not avail in my city


I know puchasing a beauty box is risky, because sometimes we don't like what we got inside but i think make up things is a better choice than skincare.
  I also know they've tried so hard for the first beauty box, but it just doesn't meet my expectation. I hope for some improvement in future.

And about "the newest and best beauty products from all around the world" is kinda missed.

Have you ever subscribe a beauty box?
Do you love them or like them? :)


  1. Whoa.. So fast..
    Isinya sama persis ky yg aq dpt tp aku kok ga ada voucher2nya ya, anyway ga bs kpake jg,
    Cm kutekku shocking pink, gonjreng banget wkwk..

    1. Mending shocking pink say, daripada 'somewhere between blue and purple', beneran no idea mau diapain (¬_____¬')

      Masih mau lanjut subscribe ga? :)

  2. Hi dear, so sorry but i am on a trip to Europe right now,currently stranded in Dubai airport :).. so you prefer dull pale yellow over the one u got? Which city dou stay in dear?

    1. Dull-pale yellow seems so much better than mine haha..
      I'm in denpasar dear..

      Europe trip sounds so lovely! Have a nice trip! :)

  3. kenapa makin menjadi ini box, somehow biarpun barangnya ngag tau kepake ato ngag, ngag tau cocok sm muka kita ato ngag.. tetep aja excited nungguinnya haha

    just following u dear~
    thank for visit my blog :)

    1. Haha tapi lebih seneng kalo isinya lebih bagus..

      Thx for visiting my blog :)


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