Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Indonesian Product Review : Mustika Ratu Purple Mascara

Have you ever hear about Mustika Ratu?
Mustika Ratu is Indonesian brand that produce a wide-range of product, such as personal care and cosmetics, traditional herbal and medicine, fragrance, spa treatment, men's product and suplement. They came in some different brand like Mustika Ratu, Biocel, Mustika Puteri, Bask for Men, Ratu Mas, Moor and Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa.

I was using their Mustika Puteri product when i was in teenager age (10 years ago? lol). I use to like their fragrance and loose powder, and now i think they've make in wider. They even have supplement under Mustika Puteri brand, wow!

Forget about the past, i was not interested with their brand, i dont know. Maybe i just can't see them among korean-japanese-europe-american brand competition. But their mascara has just attracted me since some nice ladies in femaledaily highly raved it. It's quite cheap, though, only 37,000 IDR! Half price compared to my maybelline magnum!

here's the product :

simply named 'mascara' with Mustika Ratu's logo in right side.

made in indonesia

the superbrand logo and Mustika Ratu's contact. Superbrand is independent organization who gives achievement to brands based on experts and consumer's opinion.

Product description and ingredients. Well, it does contains paraben, so if you avoided parabens product, this is not for you.

it's 13cm length. Longer than maybelline's mascara.

a standard brush. I was afraid seeing it, since mascaras i've used has unique brush to help providing curved and thick eyelashes. And here's the swatch :

left : my bare eye
right : after using Mustika Ratu's Purple Mascara. Layered 3 times.

Can you see the purple effect? It's sheer but sometimes i can see it. This mascara doesnt help me to get curved eyelashes, but it does make it a little bit thicker.

Rating : 3/5
Not very good, but at least it doesnt hurt me. And it's so cheap!
good enough for daily use, when you want to get natural look :)

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