Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone, and a short review ..

Merry Christmas! i'm not celebrating christmas, but since my Grandpa passed away in last year's christmas, we started a family tradition to have a family-gathering every christmas. Still no christmas tree, but we have a lunch and having fun together. What are you doing in your christmas day?

It's been 21 days since i wrote review about Biore UV milk, and i think i've write some of my sunscreen and it's time to move to another section : haircare.

I've use this shampoo since October, nothing changed, but it doesn't mean i dont like it ..

Skinfood's Citron Scalp Care Shampoo came in 2 size ; miniature (50g) and full size (500g). I bought the full size since it's cheaper, and if i'm not good on it, i can give it to my sister .. /lol

I have a thick and heavy hair, with dandruff and lots of hair falls. What a combination, right? I think i need scalp care shampoo, since the problem(s) came from my scalp. This is what skinfood say in their website :
Citron Scalp Care Shampoo is free of 4 additives (colorings, parafiin, ethanol, benzophenone) and contains Citron extracts marked by its beautiful citrus aroma. The pure fresh lather cleamses your scalp.

[Citron Story] Citron, so popular as to be used for baths for its beauty ingredients, makes your scalp healthy and your hair beautiful.

* To Use
Wet your hair and scalp with enough warm water and squirt a moderate amount of shampoo in your palms to massage the lather around the entire scalp and hair using your fingertips before rinsing it off.

Yes, it's an additives free shampoo. But it's simply use like another shampoo, nothing special.

~ Front Face ~
i love the pump, really .. i love the face that now, full size bottle of any shampoo came in pump bottle, so cute and easy to use!

Back Side

the ingredients : no colorings, no parafiin, no ethanol, no benzophenone.

Citron Scalp Care Shampoo has a gel consistency, with a smell like orange, but it's artificial. I dont know, it's just smell unnatural for me. And gel consistency always makes me think that it doesnt produce enough foam, and it is. I need to use 1.5 times amount more than my usual shampoo, Loreal Total Repair Shampoo. Everytime i use this, i always feel fresh and clean, but nothing changed. The result is still the same with another shampoos i've tried.

I'm still using it thought, put a hope and try.

have you use it? what do you think about it? let's share :)

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