Saturday, December 1, 2012

Simple Way to Get Your Silent Treatment

I can't believe it's December already! And New Year will coming very soon OMG ..

Don't you need a little silent treatment to prepare for new year?

Wet n Wild (WnW) well know for their eye shadow palettes (even i found their blush, Mellow Wine is outstanding either - review here) and luckily, WnW has sent this Silent Treatment for me to review about it.

As another WnW's product, this palette just came alone without box, and has a clear closure which allow you to see what's inside easily. However, as i said before, i dont think i'd still love it when i hit one or more shade's pan. Disgusting >.<"

Silent Treatment has a neutral shades, a lil bit leans to cool side but it works okay for me. 

Since WnW named their shades by where they mean to be on your eyes, they give an explanation behind, just in case you're not sure which one is browbone, crease and eyelid (i found some girls asking in beauty thread where crease is). No offense yaaaa ;)

WnW provided 2 brushes : one angled brush and one sponge brush. I dont like sponge brush, but will use it in extra ordinary situation ^^
both are embossed with WnW's logo, like brush in their blush.

I swatch those colours using the angled brush, and that's their condition .. powdery, yes. But just acceptable compared to it's price (idr 89,000!). It's quite more expensive than our Sariayu or Caring Colours, but still affordable.

swatch without primer

Silent Treatment's shades are so pigmented, therefore, primer doesn't make much change. But primer helps to make those shimmers subtle down and make them last longer :)

Browbone is like another browbone color ; not so pale white, and it's added with silver and gold shimmer.
Crease is neutral cool brown with shimmer. It's too dark to be my crease color thought. I use it as Eyelid color.
Eyelid is lilac-taupe with silvery shimmer. For me it's the prettiest shade, stunning!

But, as i am prefer to have less shimmer on my eyes, i always tap my brush before applying the powder. If you love shimmer shades, it's doesn't needed ;)

Love :
affordable price
2 mini brush to use on-the-go
long last
not scented

Disagree :
too much shimmer
no mirror
fragile packaging
how they name shades by it's position, kinda weird for me, even i can use any shades wherever i want

 What do you think about it? or .. have you get it?

** product has provided by PR, but i promise, i gave you my honest opinion.

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  1. aah yea, it looks so frosty on the swatch, I'm not fond of frosty finish too, hehe. thanks for the review :3


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