Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Balm Instain "Toile" (Review, Swatch & Comparison)

Hi Lovely Ladies,
i'm finally back with another product review ~

You know, i'm a crazy blush-holic (i dont know how many are they now ( ・_・))
My collection are vary from natural nude to ultra pigmented blush, but i never ever have a "Strawberry" blush like Toile from the Balm! This is my first option to get .. 

Instain Blush is a new concept from The Balm. They described it as "Long wearing powder staining blush". Staining? Sounds really good! I imagine it could stay all day long, no fading issue! 

Let's take a look!

It reminds me of a magazine, doesnt it? :)

Like the blushes from Boy's family, Instain have no Talc and Paraben in their ingredient list.

Note the size
(and i love the shade name written on the side, looks like real books name!)

All instain blushes has a pattern like their name.
In this case, toile (strawberry) has a strawberry pattern inside the packaging.

This swatch are made in hurry .. You can see better picture below ..

Shade :
The shade is really unique.. Somewhat strawberry makes me think of coral-pink .. This one is leans more pink than coral, warm and a lil bit plummy ..
(what am i saying? gzz. It's unique)

Texture :
Toile has a buttery texture, even it's would be a lil bit powdery in pan, but on face, it wouldn't.

Like it suppose to be, it's staining. It's better to use with stipping brush or light handed.
Ecotools Bamboo Bronzer Brush would also help! it's blend like a dream ~ 

Scent :
Sadly, Toile is lightly scented, but it's not a strawberry scent (can you get the scent? sniff and sniff girls!).
It would be a nice add, Balm .. really.

Staying Power :
Toile stay on my skin about 8 hours before it's starts to faded.

Now for comparisons ..

here i have :
sleek blush by three in Lace (from Pumpkin palette, my review & swatch here)
benefit Bella Bamba
the balm instain Toile

Lace in Sleek Pumpkin palette is the far left one. No, i'm not comparing it to squash (the one in center). Squash is a bright pink shade, have no plum or warmest Toile has (in my humble opinion).

pic taken with flash

pic taken without flash

Sleek Lace is more orange, in picture seems like has no pink or red at all (in real life, it's a lil bit coral so it has pink touch like i've said above).
But you can see how staining it is.. Perhaps, it's more staining than Instain.
Benefit Bella Bamba is nice watermelon shade. Less deep and have more glitter than Toile.
Toile is a strawberry shade. Sometimes it's confusing how strawberry and watermelon seems alike. Toile in my opinion is strawberry in summer, very bright and cheerful.

Overall, Toile is a nice added to everyone's collection. Especially if you have benefit's bella bamba but doesn't like it's glitter ~

Have a great sunday Ladies, see you ~ 
ドキドキ((o(‾◡◝*)(* ◜◡‾)o))ワクワク

ps. i know i'm BAD for writing this. But i HATE seeing MY picture somewhere out of my blog, or if i'm not the one who post that. I knew even Christine from temptalia can't stop everyone taking her picture for online shop, and who am i trying to stop the stealer. But please, appreciate my work. At least put credit to my blog link, not just taking and crop my pic. THANKS!

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  1. warnanya pigmented dan bisa tahan sampe 8 jam? That's really good for oily skin type!
    I do love the packaging! It's so cute. The balm packaging's always cute!
    Thank you for the review :D

    1. It's a nice add! Lovely ~

      Nice blog name btw, going to check your blog :)

  2. i love Toile! one of my fav too... :)


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