Wednesday, August 28, 2013

An Indonesian Product : Wardah Pore Tightening Toner

August is nearly reach it's end, and i feel like i'm going to be more patriotic in this independence-month. Ugh well, USD is raising high compared to IDR during this month. So why not trying a local product?

Wardah is one of Indonesian raising cosmetic brand. They're mostly using woman with Hijab in their advertising even they doesn't get they Halal label yet (i think it's just about time). Their product are easy to get, not-so expensive and has a good quality. I haven't try their make up line, but i've read some really good review about it.

I was in search into alcohol free toner when i heard about Wardah Pore Tightening Toner. By it's description, i sounds like Etude Wonderpore Toner (my review is here, and yes i've emptied that one), without alcohol.

Brand : Wardah
Product Name : Pore Tightening Toner
Price : IDR 21,000 - 25,000 (depend on place, promotion etc) for 100ml
Limited Edition : No

Okay, again, no picture of it's box since i've thrown it.

The bottle is made from clear plastic, so you can see product inside between it's label. The closure is made from white plastic.
In my own opinion, 100ml toner for (let's say) IDR 25,000 is cheap. But compared to another local brand, Mustika Ratu, which has a long history in indonesian beauty market, Wardah sit in expensive side.

For comparison, Mustika Ratu's 150ml face toner are usually retailed for IDR 16,000 - 20,000 makes it approximately IDR 133,500/lt while Wardah is about IDR 250,000/lt.

In the other hand, Etude Wonderpore Toner is about IDR 400,000/lt (the 500ml size is about IDR 200,000 in most online shop). 

For my indonesian readers, you can read about the product directly from my picture.
For my international reader, here's the translation for you ^^

Pore Tightening Toner
An enriching toner with Aloe Vera extract (as moisturizer), Zinc Gluconate & Witch Hazel Extract (overcomes excessive oil production and tightens pore). This formulation would makes skin fresher, and less shiny.

How to Use
After cleansing, use Wardah Pore Tightening Pore all over your face.
For optimum result, use the whole Wardah Acne series line
(i wouldn't state the whole line).

And there's the ingredient list. I wouldn't translate again, because they're clear enough for indonesian and international reader ^^

As i said above, it's an alcohol free toner. The main ingredient is Water, followed by GlycerinAs the main introduce said, it's also contains of Witch Hazel Extract, Aloe Vera and Zinc Gluconate to tighten pores.

It contains of Benzyl Alcohol (3rd lowest in list). While Benzyl Alcohol is originally an natural ingredient, many companies are made them synthetically to lower the cost. It's mainly use as preservative, solvent and anesthetic.
 I don't know the one in Wardah's Pore tightening toner are natural or synthetic, but to prevent bad things, don't use it around your eyes (it could make sensitive area itching) and don't let children use it (it could be particularly dangerous).

Oh well, it's also contains of fragrance and coloring agents. I don't like it but at least it doesn't on top of list.

Even it does seems blue in the bottle, when it's thrown out, it's not that blue, if you know what i mean. It has a refreshing scent due to fragrance in the ingredient list, not strong as easily gone.

No alcohol doesn't means it's stay long on your face. In fact, it's absorbed pretty quick.

I can't say if it does do it's job to tighten my pores, but it doesn't causing breakout either. I wouldn't repurchase since i've found another local toner i'd like to try :)

Hope my review is helpful for you, have a nice day!

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