Monday, August 5, 2013

Tarte Lip Surgence in Exposed : Review, Swatch & Comparison

In order to fullfill my promise in about Tarte's Lip Surgence, i'd write a review about another shade, Exposed.

Exposed from Tarte is one of the most popular blush in 2012. I have and love it (here's my review about it), and i was curious about how's tarte matte lip surgence would be, because i don't really like lip surgence in Elite. The shade and formula are simply not me.

Tarte Lip Surgence come in pencil form. It's made from plastic with twist base to push up the product inside.
The cap is gold colored and made from somewhat metal-like.

The product colors are the supposed to be the same with the shade inside. In this case, Exposed's outer packaging is in matte, dusty brown rose.

This baby has been loved, so it doesn't looks so well.

under direct sun light

under my shadow

Tarte lip surgence in exposed over my lips.

For me, it does agree with sephora's description as "nude".
No, it doesn't cancel out my lip colors, it's MLBB shade, with matte finish. Seems like my naked lip it self.

Talking about texture, i like Exposed a lot way better than Elite. Exposed doesn't emphasize my lip's dryness nor make it worse.
Exposed smell minty. And it does feel minty on lips, but not as strong as Elite.

I love wearing Exposed. It feels so comfortable. I got 2 hours with it, without any drink or meals.

If you're aware about product ingredients, you'd be happy that tarte lip surgence are formulated without parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrance (the minty scent is from peppermint that infused to product), synthetic dyes, petrochemicals and phthalates.

Things i dont like about Exposed are :
Is not staying all day long (like tarte claims in
It left dark stain on my lips, and it's hard to clean. The dark stain became worse after several uses.
Expensive ($24), but tarte usually add exposed to their holiday kit.

And about Comparison Shades :

under direct sun light

under shadows

Here i compared tarte lip surgence exposed with different product, with (almost) the same color family : dusty rose.

As the picture above, the product are : tarte amazonian clay blush in exposed (the same name, same color family, sama description) and benefit ultra plush lip gloss in dallas (same color family).

Tarte amazonian clay blush in exposed is simply describe as "nude".
On my skin, it's reddish brown. My skintone always make Exposed seems redder than usual.
Lip Surgence in Exposed is bolder, and a tad glossier. If you already have blush in Exposed, then you know how's lip surgence in exposed look like.

Benefit Ultra plush lip gloss in dallas is describe as "dusty rose".
Under the sun light, it seems more orange (maybe it's sun light's reflection?!) but under the shadow, they're almost the same.
However, i dont like to use them together.
Below is how benefit ultra plush lip gloss in Dallas used over tarte lip surgence in Exposed :

My lips seems so pale and looks like i wore nothing. Crazy eh? I dont understand why.

Dusty Rose's nude is one of my most favorite shade. They're so easy to use, looks so natural and not intimidating. I wish tarte lip surgence in expose could stay longer, and doesn't leave dark stain on my lips.
I wouldn't repurchase once it's finish.

I'm sure i'd finish this one, it's pretty!

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