Sunday, August 18, 2013

MAC Flatter Me Pearlmatte Face Powder (Review, Swatch, Comparison)

Hello Dolls, i'm just back from hiatus.. I know i'm not always be there for you, but you know i'll be back someday ^o^

Continuing my series about MAC Archie Girls Collection, today i'd write about their Flatter Me Pearlmatte Face Powder. Like Cream Soda blush (my review is here), it's from Betty Cooper's side. According to the stories, Betty is a girl-next-door kind of girl. She's sweet and have a kind heart. Physically, she's fair and blonde. I think she's the first girl in Archie's story.

Product Information
Brand : MAC
Product Name : Flatter Me Pearlmatte Face Powder
Size : 10 g
Price : $30
Limited Edition : Yes and it's not available anymore, but once in blue moon, MAC will repromote their limited edition product.

Both of Pearlmatte face powder has the same packaging. Betty in left side and Veronica in right side of Archie. Such a lucky red haired man, huh?

The back side seems very lovely, with the white background and black sticker.
This compact is very sturdy and has a full size mirror.

Box is unpictured, but it has the same design with product cover's.

Okay, you can definately see that only 3 hearts are in coral. The rest are in golden peach base.
I've used it in a month, and everything seems like new. Means they're embossed very well.

However, the design is not all original. Physicial formula has a heart embossed blush almost look like this.

Picture above is an eye candy for you.. The mirror showing my cream soda blush in behind. So lovely.

I've tried to swatch them to my arm, but really hard to make them shown. So there's a fingers swatch for you.

Flatter Me is described as "golden peach with coral hearts".
 Base shade is a warm golden peach with frosted finish. Some people side it's the same with Cream Soda blush. Well, perhaps. Cream Soda is less frosted and cooler.
Heart shade is medium pink coral with subtle golden sheen. It's impossible to catch the hearts color only with your blush brush. They're too small and hard to pick their color.


In my opinion, together they create a gorgeous coral shade for your cheek, if you take it using natural haired brush (ecotools blush brush is one of the example).
If you take it using fluffier brush (powder brush, bronzer brush etc), it would be a nice warm based setting powder, with subtle sheen (just enough to make your face glowing).

In the term of texture, it's really soft and finely milled. It doesn't emphasize your pore size and last for 6 hours before start fading on my oily-combination skin. 

And here's a swatch comparison for you..

As pictured above, pearlmatte face powder is HUGE compared to regular blush (cream soda).

[the picture above is originally posted in my review about MAC Cream Soda blush]

MAC Cream Soda shown most clearly of the three on my arm. While Benefit Sugarbomb is the most frosted shade.
MAC Flatter Me is somewhere in between. It's frosted but not as frosted as benefit sugarbomb and not shown up as Cream Soda.

I'd love to see another pearlmatte face powder from MAC in future. It's un-understand-able but so lovely!


  1. Very pretty! It looks like a great highlighter with a hint of color. It's a shame it's LE!

    1. Natural haired brush will make it shown up better (I guess that's what many bloggers do with it), but yes it could be a nice highlighter too :)

      I wish mac made more pearlmatte face powder x___x


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