Friday, August 2, 2013

My July 2013's Favorite : The Rockstar Palette

Okay, after a while, i feel that i want to continue "favorite" section which i always forget to write about.

For July 2013, it's The Balm Jovi Rockstar Palette (see my review & swatch here)

The eye shadows are in wide variations, great texture and stay long even without primer. The Mary Lou (Solid Gold) is so pretty, i like how it appears on my skin. While Frat Boy (pop! pop! blush) doesn't stay long on my cheeks, it's very pretty in color. I also love the milly and vanilly. They're not drying on lips and pretty on cheeks. I've just tried them on cheek in the latest week of july, but found i really love them. Vanilly is the shade i hope benetint gave me. I suggest swipe a little amount on each cheek, blend using synthetic angled brush, and set it with soft blush to make it last longer.

Talking about eye shadows, my current favorite is combination of adagio (base), iron maid-in (lid) and allegro (crease). This combination also can be use with The Balm Nude tude palette (my review & swatch here)  using sassy (base, shimmery), snobby (lid) and sultry (crease).

I know there's so many palette that contains of wide variety of product (eye shadows, blush, highlighter, lip and cheek cream, and sometimes eye liner too) and most of them aren't work so well. This Rockstar palette isn't like that. They're come in high quality product.. and a good price.

What's your favorite in july? :)

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