Friday, September 6, 2013

Benefit Box O'Powder Swatchfest!

Benefit with their box o'powder oftenly getting success touching my weakness spot. As you can see through the picture above, i have seven (7!!) shades of them. Crazy, there's so many blushes outta there but i have seven shade from a brand only *gluk!*

There's only Dandelion, Hervana and Bella Bamba in their full size box. Another four are in mini size. See? you dont have to get all of them in full size product. As far as i know, there's mini size benefit blush in dandelion, bella bamba, coralista and hoola that oftenly come in mini set. You can get mini dallas in powderazzi palette (discontinued now), and mini sugarbomb in sugarlicious kit. The only one that's only available in full size product is Hervana.

This post will only contains of mini review of every shade. I've reviewed 6 of them (minus bella bamba) previously. Link of each post will provided in the end of post.

Talking about the packaging.. Aren't they're beautiful?
I know, i oftenly stated about how not travel friendly they're. But i almost keeping a place for at least one of them, simply because they're so pretty.
Too bad they have low staying power. They stay about 3-4 hours in good day (could be longer under Guerlain Meteorites) and only about 2 hours in hot day.

And here they're .. The Swatches.

The whole gang : dallas, coralista, dandelion, bella bamba, hervana, sugarbomb and hoola.

My favorites shades are : coralista (the flattering daily shade), dandelion (as finishing powder), hervana (pretty shade!) and bella bamba (don't judge it by it's pan!).

Dallas is a lovely shade but most of the times, it turns muddy on me.
Hoola is pretty, but sometimes it turns orange on me. It's a good match for coralista, though.
Sugarbomb is pretty, it's fool proof and a good choice for my no-blush days.

Dallas is a beautiful muddy-plum shade. It's so boring in pan, but turns pretty on my cheek in the first 30 minutes. In a good days, it will stay good, nothing too muddy. But in bad days, it seems like i'm wearing a bad contouring shade. 

Coralista is a soft, pinky coral with subtle sheen. I'm in love with it and use it everyday in a hotter days.

Dandelion is a soft baby pink with micro golden shimmer. It could be a lovely finishing powder if applied with synthetic brush, or a soft baby pink blush if applied with natural haired brush.

Bella Bamba is a 3D watermelon shade. I'm not sure what 3D means here, but it does doing the job to brighten my face in tired days. It's the most pigmented one in the bunch, so it need more attention to apply.

Hervana is the most popular one. It's warm pink with peach undertone while blended together. This one is pretty for day and night use. I highly suggest you to use natural haired brush with this baby.

Sugarbomb is a warm peach blush. It's more to be sugary cheeks for me. In my opinion, it's the least pigmented of the bunch.

Hoola is matte medium cocoa brown that can turn orange when oxydized, so i don't wear it that often.

I know there's a new shade from Benefit named Rockstar out there. It's such a pretty shade but i don't think i'd put my little paws on it. Benefit blushes are getting more expensive per oz these days, and i think i have too much experience with them now.

Benefit Box O'Powder are retailed for $28 (i don't know how much does it in Indonesian Store).

Last, here's the link for my review of :

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