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Illamasqua Lover Powder Blusher : Review, Swatch & Comparison

So here i am back to my blog, and beside all products i've been waiting to write a review of, i decided to write something i just bought.

Illamasqua haven't have a store in Indonesia, but they do international shipping. As a blush lover, i'm so anxious to try their powder blush. The one i got is "Lover" which described in their web as "soft apricot, matte finish".

I think i would never ever purchase Lover if i could see it personally. Even by online swatches i saw, i never think it would be pretty shade. Please, it's ORANGE and orange never seems good on my face. No.

Pict above is a swatch provided by Illamasqua in their web. So muddy, doesn't it?

However, my anxiousness makes me purchase it. I even feel so guilty while waiting for it.. How could i despite all the things purchasing an orange blush?

But thanks universe, i'm so HAPPY with it. My review below :

the shades name with illamasqua's sign

the ingredient list, click to enlarge

oh hey, it's for your eye candy ^___^

illamasqua lover in pan

I'm sorry, but i have to make swatch picture big.
On my arm, it does seems orange, and even in blended swatch (the top one on pict), it seems muddy.
BUT, on my face it does seems like have an soft, pink undertone that makes a HUGE difference. Well, i think apricot doesn't all orange either.
The finish is matte, like it's description, but not totally matte that might seems un-natural.
There's some soft, healthy glow that makes it not seems deadly matte.

About lasting power, it does stay for 8 hours on my oily skin. On 9th hour, i noticed it's fade everywhere but not completely gone. On 11th hour, nothing left.

And for comparison swatch here i have MAC Cream Soda powder blush and Sleek Suede powder blush. All of them look about the same on my cheek (well, sleek Suede sometimes peachier, sometimes bronzier, depend on condition) but on my arm, i could say they're completely different.

There's definately something alike. I just can't tell you what.

So here they're :
Sleek Suede seems like having a red undertone i never noticed before. It seems closer to Tarte Exposed than before. Again, maybe it's because my skintone getting warmer. My original review about sleek suede is here.
MAC Cream Soda seems really soft, a lot way paler than Illamasqua Lover. It's really buildable though. See my complete review here.
Illamasqua Lover is the most orange of the bunch but not as orange as Sleek P Pie (which i completely forgot to do a comparison pict with).

For comparison purpose, i repost Sleek Pumpkin's swatch here (for complete review & swatch, kindly click here) :

P Pie has strong yellow undertone compared to Illamasqua Lover, and completely matte. It's definately be muddy on my cheek.
I might post a better comparison pict in future. Maybe. Yeah. 


I'm in love with Illamasqua Lover and have been using it everyday (my favorite before was the balm instain houndstooth, but season changed). It soft, buildable and easy to blend. Lasting power is nice.
But there's 3 things i dont like about it : the fragile packaging (and hard to open), the texture than many people said easy to be broken and the scent.
I could accept the packaging and soft texture, i simply doesnt carry it in my make up pouch, leaving it home instead. But the scent? Well, it smells like MAC's lipstick, vanilla-y and the scent refuse to go right after application. No, you have to wait 15 minutes or so until it completely gone. I'm sick of it.

Again, but, now after about a week, the scent is weaker. So maybe i would purchase some other shades like SOPHIE or Tremble or Naked Rose in future.

Have you tried Illamasqua's powder blusher? i wish they'd open a store in Indonesia!

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