Sunday, July 28, 2013

MAC Archie Collections : Cream Soda Blush, Review & Swatch.

Hi, it's me again! ^^

I know it's not good to write about discontinued product, the one you hardly get. But it's MAC. You know, MAC tend to repromoting their popular (or sometimes not so popular product), because they have soooo many collection every year. And this one might back somewhere in future.

I was pessimistic seeing Cream Soda blush in real life (i bought it online). It's looks like pressed powder omg! For the name of blush, it's as beige as my own powder! Gasp!

I walk through blogosphere, seeing how people loving cream soda blush.. and i decided to try it. I know it's kinda impossible for super-pigmented-blush lover like me, but i love it. Scroll and see how it looks like .. even you might have see it somewhere else.

Because it's MAC limited edition product (from Archie Girls Collection, spring 2013), it has limited edition packaging.
Cream Soda blush is from Betty side collection, so it has betty's old face in the front cover. Like regular MAC blush, it has clear font so it's easy to see the product inside.

Oh, forgot to tell you. MAC Archie Girls is my very first MAC product. This collection really caught my heart. I own 2 lipstick, 1 blush and 1 pearlmatte face powder. I will review every items, in case they'll come back in future.

The back side looks so professional (in my opinion, heee heee). It's white with black sticker. So lovely.

Too bad i forgot to picture the outside box. Will update my post.

The product inside.. See what i mean with powder-like?

Cream Soda is light neutral coral with satin finish.
I bet you don't believe how different the swatch with how it shown in pan. Me either!

After read another review about mac blushes, i noticed some other blushes are the same. My conclusion is it's because the product packed with lots of pigment that doesn't show in pan. It's very pigmented and buildable. The heavy swatch above swiped with 4-5 layers. And i always build the intensity with 3-4 layers every usage.
I think if i would ever finish a blush, cream soda will be the one.

It's so interesting that christine from said that the peachy tone in cream soda should help to neutralize redness on cheeks. I have a lot of redness, and so happy with that fact. However, Cream Soda seems a lot way pinker on me than on her.

But since Cream Soda is very soft, it's really hard to caught in picture. Whenever i pictured with Cream Soda, i only get a lil bit healthier cheeks. No color at all.

If you still doesn't get the idea about how Cream Soda looks like, here's my comparison picture :

If you're a fan of MAC Flatter Me pearlmatte face powder (also from Archie Girls Collection, Betty side) of benefit Sugarbomb, and looking for a tad more pigmented blush, then you would love  MAC Cream Soda.

Benefit Sugarbomb is peachier, more shimmery. MAC flatter me is less pink and a tad more shimmery but it's a good subsitute for Cream Soda.

What do you think about sheer blush? Love them? Hate them? or in between? :)

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  1. i think its too light so it's not useful for me :(

    1. Yup, I don't think it works for skintone above nc 25 .. It's pretty sheer but definately buildable :)


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