Saturday, May 30, 2015

Product(s) That Catch My Attention

.. and made their way into my wishlist *sigh*

Yeah that's the perks of being a blogger, you see someone post about it and wanting it too. Some are cheap and i'm pretty sure i'll get it and some are too expensive i need to win a lottery to get it, HA!
Actually, after several times writing down my wishlist on blog, i ended up getting most of them, so there's no reason not to write them again here, right?

First, some product from Tony Moly.
I know i might doesn't need them, but how can i resist their cuteness??

They're Cucumber Water Gel and Bamboo Cool Water Soothing Gel. I'm not sure what they're supposed to do, but i think they're mean to soothe and calm skin down. More or less like Nature Republic 92% Aloe Gel i've reviewed before. But in much cuter packaging *sigh*
Still, i find no review about them yet, but since they're not super expensive (maybe about IDR 100,000 each after convertion and all) i might get at least one.

Not just these two, Tony Moly also has Mango and Banana related packaging, which are cute too. But i'm fine and sure i dont need them (yet) for any reason.

OPI Dulce de Leche
 I'm soo sooo into neutrally nude nail polish, and loving OPI tickle my francey for manicure and Essie Cocoa Karma for pedicure. However, i want something else (ain't all we?) pinker.. Maybe Dulce de Leche? Or something else? I'm holding this til i'm sure enough.

Samsung S6 Edge

 I'm not a techno freak but .. It's soooo pretty! I know nothing about it's feature, but it's pretty ~
Not gonna makes me purchase it though, too expensive :')

Phone Case
 Since i'm always using plain phone case, i wonder if i will fit using cute one :

i'm eyeing this and some other else. Whether 3D one or simple with customize picture on it (which i still confused what picture do i want to stare everyday from AM to PM?). Holding this issue too. If only that cutie baymax case available for my phone, it wouldn't be this hard to decide (said that too for stitch one before it's available for my phone).

Especially Kikki K.. Heck, i'm not a very organized person (see? my post are made whenever i have time and mood, no time table involved). Since last month, i start to think that maybe some mistakes in my life could be prevented if i am better planned person.

Deal with it, i've bought 2 new notes for this purpose (molang diary and one other been posted on my instagram) but STILL wanting ring-ed planner. Well. Maybe not Kikki K (i'd hating my self if i ended up not using it) but some other 20 ring planner i can order by custom. Much cheaper.

So.. That's it for now. I hope i can make all of them come true without much work, LOL ~
have a nice day! happy sunday!

(ps. all pictures aren't mine. Click image to get the source, and others are from Ebay.)

Nature Republic 92% Aloe Gel (one of most viewed post in my blog ^__^)
Essie Cocoa Karma
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