Friday, January 15, 2016

Simple DIY Mosquito Repellent

Hallow! I noticed my post about Body Oil got somewhat good intention, so i will continue sharing my little knowledge.

In Indonesia, we now in-between season. It's supposed to be rainy but for some reason, it's still hot as hell. At this point, brought by the rain, mosquito number is raising up. I'm a tropical person, but i don't think i would ever be used to mosquito. And how about those who coming for holiday purpose?

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I think the best solution is using repellent on skin. I don't trust stickers, i can't stand smoky thing (even thus keep the mosquito away), but i hate industrial made repellent. They made my skin feel weird, i don't feel comfortable using my hand hours afterwards, and somewhat raising my allergic reaction.

So what to do?

I made this very simple mosquito repellent. I've tried it for more or less 2 months and it's works. They best things are it's natural, effective, very cheap and easy to made.

Back about to body oil things, i use simple Grape Seed Cooking Oil (but you can go fancier if you want) mixed with Geranium Essential Oil (2-3%, can be more but it's effective enough) I use it every morning and rarely re-applied until evening.

They're easy to find here in Bali. Or you can make a balm version of it home and bring it on holiday. This is modification from an online recipe i found, and it would be thicker but you'd need just a little. Rub between your hand before applying to wet skin (same case applied to body oil).

Balm Recipe (made 25-30g product) :
15 g shea butter
7.5 g carrier oil (use what your skin need/what you have)
3.5 g beeswax / floral wax
up to 10 drops of Geranium / Lavender Essential Oil

[1] Using double boiler, heat shea butter, carrier oil and beeswax. Stir as it melts. Make sure all the solid parts melted before removing from heat.
[2] Once everything is melted, allow it to cool for 5-10 minutes.
[3] Stir in essential oils and pour the liquid to small glass container. Allow it to harden completely. Usually it takes several hours.

Industrial made repellent are not so attractive to me, but their advertising made me learn how Mosquito hate Lavender, Geranium and Orange's skin scent. I don't like the later option either, so i never tried it.

Make sure your essential oil is pure to be effective. Fragrance oil works much worse than the pure one. They're weaker and last shorter. 

If you're a fancier person and want something with extra ingredient, you can try this recipe from

Well. thats all! Hopefully it helps ^___^

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