Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Body Shop Hemp Lip Conditioner


First, let me wish all of you a happy year ahead. I know last year I haven’t post too often. As per 2016, I put lesser pressure here and only post what I want and whenever I want to..

Like today, I wanna share about this lip balm from The Body Shop. While the brand is largely available worldwide, Hemp line doesn’t, due to it’s restriction in some countries. Too bad, I can't easily snap it in nearly store. However, I managed to get it. It is highly raved for it's effectiveness.

HEMP Lip Conditioner

HEMP Lip Conditioner

HEMP Lip Conditioner

Hemp oil has great moisturizing properties, so does the products. My lips are easily chapped, and last year’ liquid lip trend just made it worse (okay, some of them are not, but I'm being careful). Hemp Lip Conditioner is like a heroine for it.

Simply said, it is what I dreamed for. Many lip balms are great, and you know I loved burt bees one (reviewed HERE), but this one is even better. At least for me.

Hemp lip conditioner is scentless, matte and leave no trace of color. With the packaging like this, it’s fit for both male and female user.

I barely ever leaving home without this little one.

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Have you tried it?

If you're living in Indonesia and want to get it, kindly check @Primafacie_Corner :)

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