Friday, December 21, 2012

My Beauty Wishes is Been Done

This year, i've posted about my beauty wishes (direct link here) .. truthfully, i dont really prepare for it and trying to get it crazily. Because as a beauty blogger, i have too many items to wish for ..

Suprise surprise surprise, i got three of them! yay! Except paraguaya, they're came naturally into my hand ~

The first one is Sleek Paraguaya.
It's from 2011's collection, i'm sure not that hard to get it from ebay, but i'm not sure i can do it myself. Luckily, one of my friend want it too, so she helped me to buy it, even it's arrived with unperfect condition (1 shade is broken, and another one is out of it's pan) but fine, at least i got it! (thanks, Sisca!)

The Second one is Benefit Bella Bamba.
I want it of course, but never really put a lot of attention. Then someday Sisca (again, she is) found someone who sell her benefit pretty commitee, and bella bamba is left untouched. I bought it then got the blush, hehe ..

And the last one, Urban Decay Naked 2.
Beauty Blogger's dream!
As i said, i'm not sure about original naked or naked 2 for me, then i went to Kuala Lumpur and of course visit their Sephora.. I tried and loving naked 2, but wasn't sure since i have a LOT of palette to use in my entire life. My mom, kindly tell me to let another palette go and keep this one since i naked 2 is fulfilled with natural colour and i can use it everyday (and my mom can borrow it, haha!).
Oh well, so i got the naked 2!
(but no one seems interested with my tarte jewelry.. if you're, you can check it on blog sale section ^^)

I feel sooo thankful ..
they're all so pretty and lovely ..

My next wishlist is skill to use them better!

thanks for reading, i hope you're happy there, and your wishlist will fulfilled soon ~


  1. whaaa.. i want naked 2 palette too >.<

  2. I heard my name mentioned twice here :D hahhaa.. *ini toh yang dinamain tenar - lebay mode on*

    Naked 2 my wishlist for 2013 kayanya, tapiii jangan2 bernasib seperti nude 'tude gue yang akhirnya gue jual.

    Mak, kalo udah bosen ama nude 'tude, colek gue :D *salah fokus* hahha..


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