Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Christmas Beauty Swap

Several weeks ago, ShaSha, the owner of hosted an event among Indonesian Beauty Blogger community, called Christmas Swap. She collected participant's name and paired randomly. My partner is Aprilia Christina (check her blog through this link ^^). She contacted me at first, and we talked about our wishlist and how we deliver our gift. We agreed to send our gift at December 10th, not too far away from Christmas, but not too close either because of the postage traffic usually happen in December.

Luckily, her gift was arrived at december 14th, i can say it's quite on-time ;)

i was sooo excited, too excited, and even my camera is not with me that time, i pictured those beautiful moment using my iTouch ;)

she sent it by Tiki.. Oh, here i just want to share a lil bit..

Tiki's postage courier for my area is very old. Idk, maybe about 60 y.o. He has a long beard, and he delivered the packages using motor cycle, like another courier from different company.
Although he's already old, he's brought a LOT of packages. He string the packages around the motor cycle, so he doesn't even able to move from his position, or go down to deliver the packages to customer's place. Luckily, there's my mom in front of my place and she took the packages so he doesn't have to move.

I'm so sad seeing his condition, old but still have to going around to deliver packages, and the company doesn't provide him with a courier's big bag (like the one JNE courier has, or simple travel bag like Pandu Siwi's courier has) to make him deliver the packages easier and more safety.

Again, i'm just sharing.. no offense at all ^^

Back to the gift, Aprilia wrapped the packages with cat pattern. I love cat! and this one is soo cute :)

i opened the wrap and found this, very creative!!

and she wrote around the box .. wishing me a merry christmas .. thanks April! ^^

TARAAA .. there's the gift inside!
Fullfilled with beauty items from my own wishlist, whoaaaaaaaaa ..


the one on the left is a hair holder, it's not from my wishlist but it's very helpful for me!
*i'm the one who always forgot where i put my hair clip -______-"

The SUPER CUTE christmas card .. Sadly, i dont even get her a card @____@"
i'm so sorry April o(╥﹏╥)o

Overall, i'm so happy joining this event.. Maybe another gift swap for Valentine's Day? with somehow different concept? :)

Thank You April, for your generous gift and lots of wishes .. wish you're happy with my gift ;)


  1. kyaa~ semoga suka sama item nyempil-nyempilnya ya.. :p GBU!! ^^

    1. sukaaaa sukaaa sukkkaaaaaa <3

      thanks a lot dear!!


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