Friday, December 14, 2012

Lancome Tresor in Love, a fragrance review

Doing a fragrance review seems more simple than make up or skincare review, but except  fewer picture to edit, there's so many other things to do. My nose need so much education, i can't always detect a notes by my nose only, i need to to several research, sniff it over and over again, try it for day and night use, hot and cold. Whoa..

Fragrance review is more to my personal opinion, based on my personal taste, the environment, my body chemistry, mood, and so on. It's not as simply as post a make up swatch, more complex .. and again, i'm not an expert. Fragrance is a new world for me.

Mine is a miniature in 7.5ml size, and it come without box. The bottle is similar with full size bottle, a pretty high bottle with a black rose bow. Liquid inside also has the same color with full size product, a pretty pink liquid (not pictured because i put it on purple background *sigh*)

I was so in love with the bottle it self, and almost dont care about how it smell like. I bought it at the same time with Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline and Sarah Jessica Parker's Covet, and this one is the last one on my trying list. But when i sniff outside of the bottle, i cant help to try it immediately. It smell so good!

Top notes : bergamot, pink pepper, pear, nectarine
Middle notes : jasmine, taif rose, violet, peach
Base notes : musk, virginia cedar

I love floral fruity scent, mostly when fruity side come stronger than floral side. Powdery scent will always attract me (oh i love Flower by Kenzo!) and sweet is my middle name. This one match my criteria, really. And it's not on heavy side, it has a fresh hint that makes me feel like i've just come out of shower.

On my skin, i can smell rose (of course!), peach, nectarine and pink pepper (the one that said to be another rose scent). Not musky at all. Very pretty and feminine, not sickening sweet, not musky and not offensive.. And this one teach me to love rose fragrance ~

Another thing to love is the concept, to be use on date.. no matter if you use it for day-date or night date.. no matter you'd go to hot or cold place, it's suit them! ^^ But you have to bring it around since it just stay about 4 hours then gone..

have you try it? what's your favorite feel-so-in-love fragrance? :) 

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  1. aaah mau! aku juga suka floral fruity scent! :)
    full size nya berapaan ya si tresor ini?
    kamu beli miniature nya dimana say?

    1. full size sekitar 600an di olshop, diah :)

      kemaren beli miniature di spring breeze astrid FB (mba astrid baca kah? siapa tau dikasih diskon hihihi :wink:)


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