Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nyx Extreme Lip Cream Candy Land, a Review and Swatch.

Another product to review today, and it's out of my comfort area .. it's nyx extreme lip cream in Candy Land .. What? Candy Land! a land of candy?? Σ(゜д゜;)

Extreme lip cream is a mix between lipstick, lip gloss and lip stain. As we all know Nyx has made some good (or great) quality product, so why dont give this range a try? :)

the shade i bought myself was Antwerp, but i dont like the way it be on my lips.. And luckily a friend of mine, Natasya, has sent me Candyland to try ~ oh well, it's happens severals months ago. See what happened if you have to much item on your waiting list o(╥﹏╥)o

Back to review, Nyx Extreme Lip Cream comes in plastic tube packaging. The cap is black and the bottom part is clear. It helps you to see what's inside. Or in another case, how much does it's left.

XLC 02 - Candy Land
(LOL i've type it as Candyland on every picture i took. Oh well.)

The applicator is in doe-foot shape. I dont find it helpful and or disturbing.

So to the swatch.

It's HARD to describe what shade is it.
I used to think it's pale pink to fuschia kind of shade..
but i'm not sure ..
some people simply said it's beautiful pink shade.. but no.
First, it's bright. If you looking for a soft pink, it's definately not for you.
It has a white/blue undertone.
It's not matte.
It's quite pale but bright.
Like screaming that "I'm pink! look at me!"
(err .. just my i-ma-gi-na-ti-on)

Soft and fully covered my pigmented lips. But i found it's kinda hard to spread (see how it's appears on my lips below) and it's drying.
My favorite lip balm, burt bee's (reviewed here), can't solve this problem. Sometimes it's drying crazily and makes my lips chapped so bad :(

As it supposed to be, it's stained. The stain is a better shade, but since it's drying my lips so baaad, even it's only stain left, i dont use it often-ly.

Slightly scented but appears once it's applied.

My lippie swatch :

fully covered

Minimal stain left.
pretty right? like the pink version of my lips!
sadly again, it's drying crazily.

Maybe this drying problem is just mine, because i found so many girls loving this product.

Have you try this?

til the next time .. (人´³`)⌒♡

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