Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Korean Haul Posted ~

Hi Readers!!

Long time no blogging eh? so sorryyy because i was soo busy last month, and i've been visited South Korea, the skincare heaven, for 6 days :D

i've stayed in Jeju island for 2 nights, 1 night in Seoraksan (Mt. Sorak), 2 nights in Seoul and 1 night in airplane >.<" hahaha ..

it was nice, but i dont have lots of time for shopping because i joined a group tour, and they're only shopping in Seoul.. between visiting some tourist place and others ~.~"

sooo what i've got in Seoul? only few items .. because i've found out the price in Korean beauty store are almost the same with price you got through pre-order system .. only about 20,000-30,000 idr more expensive than the price in korean store for small items. Liquid items get more margin yes, but still it's well worth!

First, it's about mask.I bought 3 mask from the Face Shop for a good price because i got a discount coupon. I think it's about 21,000 won for 3 masks ..
and the mask from tony moly was a free gift for entering TM's store in Myeongdong. I bought those party lover eye brow powder that time ^^

then from Etude Store.. It was the most crowded beauty store near there! almost every spot were taken @___@
i bought Etude BB dation special kit (not sure why.. but seems nice), bebe foot mask (since i think my foot need it), happy tea time cleansing cream in milk tea (smells good, good price and nice packaging) and sweet recipe baby choux base in Raspberry (I was wanting it for so long so i can't stop my hand from reaching it).. the pink pen and play etude box (contains of cotton pads) were free gift ^^,

from Skinfood Store.. only few product since they doesn't have Tea Tree Toner & Emulsion i'm looking for.. Skinfood store in Myeongdong is quite far from Etude and TM's .. I walked alone and kinda flustered, trying to find Skinfood ..
i bought an eyebrow trimmer, choco eyebrow powder cake (smells like chocolate! and works wonder!), and fresh cellery cleansing tissue.. and i got 2 sample :)

There's also a nice store there, named RedEye and they're selling woman's stuff.. Clothes, accesorries, bag, wallet and so much else.. i only have few time there, and only bought 2 pairs of earrings and a ring with a tree on top .. very pretty!
they're quite affordable too ~

aaannnddd .. just it!
doesn't much right? ~

but even i enjoyed my trip to south korea, i dont think i'd like to go back there.. because it's expensive!
south korea is the second most expensive country to visit in Asia (the first one is Japan, my tour leader said) .. a coffee machine selling coffee for about 400 won and the coffee in minimart is about 1,000 won (while in indonesia it's only about idr 5,000 aka the half price). Snack is about 1,000 to 3,000 won .. and food is about 5,000 won up .. LOL ..

dont get me wrong, you have to visit south korea someday.. they're worth to visit, but only once .. hehe ..

have a nice day! :)


  1. nice haul.. i'm going to visit seoul next week :D

  2. wow you went Korea! the masks are kind of expensive though for 21000 won

  3. oh sorry .. i mistaken it, i meant 2,100 won :D


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