Sunday, April 14, 2013

Review Etude Happy Tea Time Milk Tea Cleansing Cream

Hi, i'm back with another Etude review ~ (oh well it's always happen to me, after reviewing one brand, i want to review another product of them, or the same type of product, just different brand >__<) ..

Etude Happy Tea Time Milk Tea Cleansing Cream (or i'd write it as MTCC) is my very first cleansing cream btw, because i used to believe that cleansing cream is only for dry skin. I have an oily skin so i never give them enough attention. But then i was disappointed with my innisfree cleansing cream, and it's really hard to find my favorite cleansing oil (it's kose softymo's) so i decided to try a cleansing cream.

as another Etude product, MTCC has a cute princess-y design, in this case, a teapot :)
(oh i think i've thrown the clear box, so sorry >.<")

MTCC comes in a milk-tea-color plastic jar. No spatula included.

Here's how the insider look like. There's a plastic separator between bottom and top packaging.

The product is quite runny and has a fragrance. It's NOT milk nor tea scent (which i wish it has), doesn't bother me, but if you dont like to use a fragranced product, please skip this.

Let's see how effective MTCC is :

I've put some product to test :
sleek eye shadow + etude proof 10 eye primer, revlon colorstay foundation, nyx soft matte lip cream and maybelline eye liner.
The one on the right is MTCC itself.

Here i lightly spreaded the MTCC to another product i tested.

And that's how the condition after few swipe.
My hand seems slightly oily but all the products has gone.

The condition after i washed my hand with cleansing foam.
LoveLoveLove it!
Amazing, doesn't it?

I love the result, but sadly, i dont know if MTCC does makes me breakout or not since i have some trouble on my skin since i came back from South Korea. It's breakout badly and the redness going kinda worse.
But no offense, because i'm not only changing my cleansing product, but also my toner and moisturizer. So i dont really know which one is causing it.

The only thing i dont like about MTCC is the jar packaging. It's lovely and cute but not in hygienic side.. Even if Etude does provide it with spatula, i feel so lazy to take the spatula in my bathroom. Oh well, nothings perfect right?

see you in another review ~
bye for now!

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