Friday, February 15, 2013

Tarte Lip Surgence # Elite, Review & Swatches

As i've said in my post (my make up obssesion post), i bought one of Tarte Holiday Set -which is Tarte 5-Piece LipSurgence™ Collector's Set, share it with some friends, and take only one or two for my self.

here's how the set looks like :
there's 5 shades inside :
escape, enchanted, charmed, sweet and elite, all in full size product.

while charmed, exposed and enchanted are available in single product (and they're not limited edition product), escape and elite are only avail in this set (i'm not sure for now, but when i bought this, they're only there).
FYI, i pick Elite for my self, and share the rest of them. Later, i also bought Exposed from another friend, so there will be another review of Exposed, hehe ..

there's how it looks like .. very similar to revlon kissable balm stain ..

Tarte Lip Surgence come in pencil form, made of plastic, with golden cap and base twist to push up the product inside.

ingredients information provided in back side of the box (which i forgot to pictured) so there's only few information in product itself.

how the insider looks like.. i'm glad i dont have to sharpen it :p 

one swipe on my hand .. see how pigmented is it?
the watermelon color shown up very well on my hand, i hope it would be pretty on my lips too!

i always prefer glossy lip product over matte, and you know how much i adore benefit ultra plush lip gloss (which almost have no color) even if this thing is glossy,  it's a little bit out from my cup of tea .. very pigmented, and sadly, i don't like the color on my lips, feels very bright and somehow emphasize my lips problem. See my bare lips? Seems like i have some dots and the lip surgence makes them screaming :(
*i'm so happy those dots are gone already*

tarte lip surgence has a nice mint sensation, althought i can't really detect the minty scent, it's hydrating and feels like a very pigmented tinted lip balm in my opinion.

in this case, i like the textures, even it makes my lips feel dry after several hours (it's hydrating yes, but the mint sensation hurt me) but not the shade. With Exposed, i'm quite like the shades but it doesn't has the same texture .. Will review about it later, see you! ^^


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