Friday, May 16, 2014

Loreal UV Perfect Anti Dullness SPF 50 PA +++

*non sponsored review*
*purchased by me*

If you're live in Indonesia and looking for some sunscreen in local department store, there's only few choice for you. In my case, as i like high number of SPF in my sunscreen, the choice are even fewer.

There come Loreal UV Perfect SPF 50 PA +++ (my own is featured with Anti Dullness). It's easily available locally. The price is ranging from idr 90,000-140,000 depend on place & promotion.

 It's only in 30ml size.
The packaging is made from shimmery white plastic, feel sturdy in my hand.

 (click to see in original size)

Actually i am not paying so much attention to the ingredient list. Well, i am always not in sunscreen case because i tend to like Japanese sunscreen and most of them are unreadable for me. This bad habit won't go.

I am lusting over this because it said to be contains of Mexoryl Filters which help your sunscreen to stay longer (usually they stay for 2-3 hours in average, depend on SPF number, environment, sun rays etc etc). Funny that i don't really know what that truthfully is.
Yeah i ate their marketing words.
Hopefully that's true.. Hahaha..

 The dropper has a small hole, to help you control the amount of product.

As long as i know, people need at least 1/4 tea spoon of sunscreen to cover face and neck. It's could be more or less depend on texture of product, skin condition and you yourself.

 I don't know if you could see through the picture, but the product has a slight purple tint in it, the one that support the anti dullness feature.
The purple tint works more like a tinted primer, it's not so pigmented that could makes you appear purple-y. It's just slightly brightening instead of pale white shade or anything else.

 Here i blend it softly.
I think here you could see purple-y shade better than picture before.

 Completely blended.
No extra coverage for redness, acne or anything. But yes it does brighten and therefore, not so dull.

Picture above is taken with flash.. Not so whitecast right?

 The texture is slightly thick but easy to blend. It's not drying and has a low oil control.
There's just low fragrance i could detect and it's not disturbing.

I think it does the job really well, none of my face and neck getting burned. And even they said it's stay long(er) on skin, i am still do reapply at least every 4-5 hours.

For me, it's 4 out of 5 stars and maybe i would repurchase in future (since it's easy to grab)

Have you tried it? Do you like it?

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