Thursday, May 15, 2014

Finally, I Reviewed Urban Decay Naked 2!

Shame of me.. A while a go, i was trying to clean my blogging folder and i found out that i haven't write a review for my Urban Decay Naked 2 which i bought in Sephora KLCC back in 2012.

After a short thought, i remember my reason for not reviewing this palette even i've finished the editing process long long time ago : i freaked out that maybe someone would use my pictures to make a better fake palette. Okay maybe it's not such a reason because there's so many pictures around the internet, and the still haven't make a really good fake product. Since then, i always trying not to put any important information in my blog.
If you haven't read my comparison post about Real & (possibly) Fake Naked 2, you can find it here.

Enough for the introduction, so here i present you the Urban Decay Naked 2 (picture was taken when it's still brand new) :

 The case is made from metal tin, but in my opinion, it's too thin.
Also even it's supposed to be safetier to travel with than original Naked palette, one shade named Blackout is somehow being so fragile.
I heard many people complained about this so i bring my palette home in my own handbag, not in baggage like it's other partners. As you could see in next picture, it's arrived home safely :)

Naked 2 come with dual side brushfor shadow & crease.

My palette also come with lip gloss in shade Naked, but since i'm not using it, i wouldn't review it here.
The new one (after Naked 3's launched) come with eye primer samples and packaged with cardboard box instead of transparant one in before.

on left side : crease brush

on right side : shadow brush

If you're wondering why-oh-why my new palette got some stratch inside, here's the story:
Naked 2 has a full size mirror inside. It's a nice add but it has some weight that's enough to makes the palette fallen to back if you took the brush out.
I have a good mirror for make up in my room, so that day when i am wearing my naked 2 with it's own brush, the palette fell to back side. Ugh, and i accidentally put it dangerously near the edge of my table. I was shocked (a new palette and it's expensive!!!) and quickly grab it, anywhere i could. I got it, with some stratch as payment. Cheap eh?

Leason learned : take care of your palette. Put it in safe place, it could be fallen it self.

Swatch on my arm, yellowish sun shine.

Well, you could find the shade explanation anywhere but here's my version of it :
Foxy is yellowish beige with matte finish. It's so sheer and hadly shown on my skin. I use it as a base color.
Half Baked is a golden shade with shimmery finish. I like it but i wish it's more on brown than yellow side.
Booty Call is a highlight shade with frosted finish. Good for under brow bone.
Chopper is choppery red tone brown with (almost) glittery finish. It's a pretty shade, even for daily use.. if it's not that bling bling.
Tease is a muddy taupe shade, with matte finish. It's my favorite shade for crease.
Snakebite is dark brown with yellow shimmer. Pretty shade.. And i like it more than it's close sibling, Dark Horse (reviewed here).
Suspect is a soft bronze shade with shimmery finish. It's also being my favorite for lazy days. Suspect is really good to wear alone. I also heard it's a close sister of the famous Burberry Pale Barley (which i haven't tried).
 Pistol is dark gray brown with frosted finish. It's a pretty shade but leans too cool for my asian skin.
Verve is a pale, shimmery beige. Good for inner corner.
YDK is a warm choppery brown with frosted finish and some glitter. The shade it self is pretty but too glittery for my taste (why Urban Decay??)
Busted is plummy brown with frosted finish. Good for layering eye liner or outer shade.
Blackout is a matte, black shade. Also good for layering eye liner. As i said above, it's the most fragile shade in palette.

I like my Naked 2 but now it's rarely use since i am not a fans of cool eye shadow shade as before. Still, Suspect is foolproof and my life safer. I bought it in 2012 and i haven't hit pan in any shade.
I bought it while it's still $50 on their web, now it's $54 already.

I am wondering if i would take Naked 3 too since it has some pretty shade i adore (say Strange, Limit, Trick, Nooner, Liar, Factory and Mugshot - 7 out of 12!).
I wonder if it would good for my yellow toned skin?
any advice?

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