Thursday, May 1, 2014

My Current Wallet : Abekani LW-002

*purchased by me*
*non-sponsored review*
I haven't talk about my wallet don't i?
It's an Indonesian local product, but instead of using my bahasa in this review, i decided to write in English. I want to show the world that here We also have a good product with affordable price.
Before i start, i wanna introduce you to the brand at first.

Abekani is Indonesian local company (based in Jogja, Central Java) who produced handmade leather product. Most of them are designed by them, but they also made bag by order (the process is kinda long, though). You can find more info in their web,

My own wallet is simply named by "LW-002". I thought "LW" stands for "Long Wallet".
According to the web, it's made from pull-up cow leather and the dimension is 9.5 x 18 cm. When i ordered it, they have 2 different color : havana and dark brown, but as for now, i saw they have purple too. I chose Dark Brown.

Abekani describe LW-002 as :
Woman wallet with 3 folds (7 compartments & 16 holders). Closure are made using magnetic button. There are coin zipper behind.

and this is how it looks like :

 I like the simple design and the borderline.
Pretty and timeless!!

Actually i used to make a stratch using my sharp-nail in the middle of closure part. I was in hurry and can't take care of it at the time, i was so disappointed but maybe it's the price for having a leathery wallet. But later when i want to take care of it, i can't find the stratch anywhere. This picture was taken after that incident, so you can see that no mark left. I don't know how, but definately YAY!

The coin zipper.
oops.. seems like my coins finally left some mark over there.
I know it supposed to be classic but i think the zipper is too big for the wallet. I prefer it to be smaller, but that's okay.
Also the hand-picker is kinda weird. If they could make a borderline around it, it would be better..

There's the magnetic button shown up.
there's two compartment on the closure part (behind the top magnetic button)

 There's three compartment behind the card holder. The one opened from right side is longest of all (deep down till the far-left part). Both two opened from left side are short.
There's my card shown in the holder. Currently, i have 5 member cards there.

There are also two compartment here. Both are short. Also there are the rest of card holder. I kept everything more important here (you can spot BCA flazz card there).

 latest pic : the brand name on the bottom right.

They sell this wallet for idr. 185,000.
I found that the quality is great at the price and besides the zipper & picker design, i have nothing to complain about.

I am a type of girl who rarely changes my wallet so i wish it last long. The timeless design makes it a better deal.

Have a nice day ^__^

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