Thursday, May 8, 2014

My First Impression for Real Techniques Retractable Kabuki Brush

*purchased by me, non sponsored review*

Today i'm here for another tools review. After eyelash curler and wallet review, now it's for a make up brush.

I found it's very admirable to find a kabuki brush in my make up bag. Really helpful for a quick touch up while it's keep dust-free. The one that really helpful for me is Ecotools Retractable Kabuki Brush (which i haven't write about, yeah). I bought another one from Real Techniques for spare.

I believe you've heard about Real Techniques somewhere, but if it's not, i would make a quick explanation for you, dear friend :)
Real Techniques is designed by two well-known Youtube Guru, Nic and Samantha Chapman (both are from RT brushes are made from synthetic bristle so they're cruelty-free. Most of their brushes are able to stand by it's own (but sometimes it's just hard) because they has a flat-bottom. They also make coded the brushes by color (
purple for eyes, orange for base and pink for finishing).

 According to :

retractable kabuki brush

  • Go mobile with our new retractable design.
    • An essential on-the-go tool that evenly applies powders, bronzers or blush.
  • For perfect cheekbones:
    • Use with bronzer or highlighter to define and contour the hollows of the cheeks.
    • Use with blush to fill out the apples of the cheeks

Please keep remind that this is just my first impression of it. I only use it like 3-4 days and i won't judge it by that.

Hello there, this is the brush i talked in the whole beginning =)

It's PINK, means it's for finishing purpose.. Powder, Blush and Bronzer.

 And that's how it looks like with the cap on.
The cap is clear-pink and made from plastic.

The name is printed on a side.
The brand is printed in another side (but unpictured).

If you're curious how this retractable thing work, hopefully my explanation could help :

After a condition in picture [1] aka cover picture aka how it's look like when you use it, now pull the pink metalic part under the brush head. And it would look like that in picture.
Yes the pink retractable part is printed with brand name, i found it cute. 

Then with the metalic part pulled, put the closure on.

Last part, push them down.
Voila! It's closed already!

Last pict, it's how it looks like from above.


I was tried it several times :
  • for my beloved Tarte Provocateur Mineral Pressed Powder (review here), it won't work. Hard to pick up and hard to blend. Maybe i need to try with another powder later.
  • for Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer, works perfectly.
  • for Illamasqua powder blush (review here), hard to blend.

No judging here, but that's what happened to me in 3-4 days of trial.
I would continue using it though :)

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  2. THanks for reviewing this brush. I've been searching for a great kabuki brush :) This is so helpful!


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