Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Body Shop Honeymania Body Butter

*purchased by me*

After trying and loving The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish (reviewed here), i feel like i really-really in love with TBS. Maybe because their price being more reasonable for me, or maybe because they're so easy to find or maybe because they gave us special price oftenly..

Well, no matter what, i've been eyeing Honeymania series since it's been launched in UK. After i read some reviews, i decided to get the body butter & EDT (will review later).

Well, do you remember my Honey Bee hand cream? It's from Etude, and i think it's match the theme :))

This body butter came in 200ml pot, i wouldn't say it's handy but definately reasonable for the price.

TBS always do fair trade for their product. In this case, it's with Wildflower Community in Ethiopia for their Honey.
As usual they doesn't do animal testing.

TBS retailed it for idr. 229,000 but when i get it, there's 15% off if you purchase 2 items from Honeymania range. If there's no promotion, the price will be idr. 1,145,000/liter. Expensive eh?
Compared to older collection, Honeymania Body Butter is rather expensive. The olders came in 250ml size, 50ml more than Honeymania.

My favorite part of the packaging are only the sturdiness, the color & the honey bee in their QR code.

The scent if more in flowery than sweety side.
 In my opinion, it's smell like fresh flowery honey. Not so sweet but has medium to full strenght.
On me, the scent last for about 2-3 hours before gone. If you've tried their EDT and think it doesn't last long or way too soft, you need to pair it with the body butter. Stronger & last longer :)

It's aimly for dry skin so no wonder that come in thick texture. Feels like butter but could be easily spread.
I have normal skin but it's too much on me, so i think it would also acceptable for oily skin.

So sad that it's Limited Edition (maybe it could repromote in future, TBS? please?) and as long as i know, it's been sold out in their indonesian web. Maybe some offline store still have some stock, so hurry up before it's really gone!

update June 1st 2014 :
So sorry my mistake, BA in The Body Shop confirmed that Honeymania is in Core Collection.. YAY!

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  1. oh it's limited edition? I should have got it instead of the chocomania's 40% here :)

    1. 40% off is such a deal!
      Wish that i could fly and buy it in philipines.. LOL..

  2. Hi Tania, kemarin aku liat Body Shop lagi banyak sale tapi belom sempet ngeliat produk-produknya, tapi jadi kepikiran untuk beli body butter/creamnya.
    By the way, aku juga ngeriew makeup dan skincare seperti MAC, YSL, Kiehls di blog ku:
    Makasih :)


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