Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Review : Citra Light Touch White Japanese Wakame Hand & Body Gel Lotion

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I'm such a sucker for body lotion.
Well, i know i rarely do review for them, simply because i think they're so easy to find in market (i usually use Vaseline or Nivea) and everyone could try it themselves haha.. Such a lazy me.

New Japanese Wakame from Citra took special place in my heart, so yes, i would rave for it in my beloved blog.

Citra is Indonesian brand, which stand under Unilever. They're mostly playing in body care product such as : body lotion, body serum, body scrub and liquid soap. I rarely use their product because i don't like the scent. Most of them smell like white pepper to me (although i ask everyone else, and no one smell it like i do) but not this Japanese Wakame! It's has subtle, fresh scent that wouldn't offensive in any mean.

Actually, Citra has 2 product in Japanese Wakame range : a Nutri Serum (tube packaging) and gel lotion (see pic below). I chose gel lotion product because it simply less fragranced, and contains of fewer paraben.

 Citra Light Touch White Japanese Wakame Hand & Body Gel Lotion
around idr. 13,500

ingredient list (click to zoom)
 Here perfume is listed as 8th ingredients, while in Nutri Serum, listed as 4th ingredient.
I always prefer to have less-scented body lotion for daily use, except i really love the scent.

Wakame is a kind of seaweed from Japanese sea, and it contains of a lot vitamins and minerals. It also could help makes skin brighter with a light and easy to absorb formula. 
This gel lotion texture also caught me off.

The product is in gel texture. Very easy to absorb, left no sticky feeling and does refreshing. After a week using this, i never feel difficult to clean the residue, even if i use 2-3 layers! Comfortable!
I usually have normal skin, but in windy days (which now happen in my town) it's being dryer. I have no big issue with drying skin while wearing Citra Japanese Wakame Gel lotion. It does the job so well all over my body, even in my cracked heels!!
Okay i know there's foot lotion for this problem, but i tested my gel lotion since it's dry faster on my cracked heels. Well it does feel stingy at first, but next, it's GOOOD..

I don't mind the fact that it doesn't makes my skin lighter nor brighter.. And i just use it for a week. Maybe later? Perhaps?

If there's a thing that i could complain, it's the sun protection.
I mean, if it does have some SPF or so, it would be super perfect for hot days (which happens like 8 months per year in my town)!

Hopefully, it would, in near future :)

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