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Restaurant Review : Little Hongkong in Bali

*non sponsored review*

So after long long post about skin and body care product, i feel like i wanna do another kind of review. I always want to do a Restaurant/Food review, but too lazy to take picture (and sadly i am not good doing food photography -___-"). But today, i got some confidence and write it here :) *hopefully you doesn't read it during fasting*

Little Hongkong is a little restaurant in Jalan Raya Kuta, Bali. It's between Garoupa and Warung Nusantara. I think it's kinda joke, since Garoupa is the most expensive one (but taste so good) and Warung Nusantara is the cheapest one. By location and price, Little Hongkong is between them two. If you're going to Raya Kuta from Imam Bonjol street, then go straight, about 250 meters after traffic light, on the left side, you'll find three of them, and on the right side there's The Banjar Hotel (foursquare link).

Well, i forgot to take the picture of the outer place, nor i can find it on google images.
 But i took some picture from their facebook page to give you better idea how the inside restaurant looks like :

it's how it looks like, right after the door opened

in the far side of picture above, theres some painting hanging

Although they've tried to tell us that it is Little Hongkong, truthfully i don't think the place is that small. The corridor in first picture is barely small for two people walking together, especially when the chairs are taken out. I jokingly said it's a "mini mini mini" hongkong.

Back in 2010, when i was in Hongkong and was taken to several Restaurant, they have lots of space and even it's crowded, they're still a nice and pleasant place. I even think i love crowded restaurant. Think of Kopi Tiam (any restaurant that serve coffee, breakfast, anything in between. Not just Kopi Tiam brand) in Malacca in rush hour, how nicely crowded they was. I mean, how pleasant it is, seeing some people reading newspaper, some eating breakfast religiously, some others chit chatting.. I even want to have my own kopi tiam just to enjoy the crowd, everyday!

Well, i re-thinking seeing how it was in Little Hongkong.
It's not as tiny as you might think after reading my babbling, but yes it is small and not space-y. As long as i observed, about 90% of the table have one dead-lock side that makes you hard to move. Make it worse if it is in dinner time (when i was there) because most of the chair are taken. I am not a walking type of person while eating, but sometimes, we need to right? And it's good to be free..

Despite the position, i love their friendly staff (which you have to paid with 10% service) and they have a good WIFI connection.

.. Now let's talk about the food :

 The recommended menu (taken from internet reviews) are Mie Polos (plain noodle) and BBQ Charsiu and Samcam.

I was ordered those, but forgot to take picture of the Plain Noddle.. My bad.
In my defense, it was just a plain noodle. Noodle, broth, few leaf as accesories, nothing else. Truthfully, i don't get it's specialness. To me it was just a plain noodle.
Okay compared to many plain noodle out there it was good, but i can find some better too.

Since i need to wait kinda long for the other dishes after Plain Noodle, i took several photos of the dishes companion in my table :

 There's two advertisement, a jar of sambal (chilli sauce), another jar of sweet chili sauce (the darker one, see the pict below), tissue, and the red one is for pickles.

seems to be delicious right?
 I don't like chili sauce so no review for this lady, but it does seems delicious and everyone tends to like it.

Mie Laksa Little Hongkong (Laksa Noodle Little Hongkong), IDR 49,000
This one is my very own dishes.
Laksa noodle companied with prawn, shells (there's two of them), fish cake, mushroom, sprouts and tiny fish chip.
It's lack of something i couldn't explain, like a girl who always refuse to express her thought and therefore lack of anything.
The taste is good but doesn't blown up my mind.

Maybe i just going wrong, ordering Laksa Noodle in Chinese restaurant, because the one in Penang restaurant taste really good ~~

Combinated BBQ of Charsiu, Samcam and Duck, about IDR 148,000
I dont eat duck, and i dont like samcam in general so i will only review the Charsiu (aka red pork meat).
It taste good, the second good compared to any other dishes i ordered.
It is sweet, soft and have good amount of burnt (i like burnt charsiu!!).

My Dad said that all of them are delicious. The Duck is even more delicious while it's hot.

Pork Black Pepper, forgot the price
Too much of Beef black pepper? Try pork one!
Woo-hoo.. this one is the most tasty. I like their spices, good amount of black pepper, sweet and spicy~ delicious!

Baby stringbean in garlic sauce, forgot the price but it think it's around IDR 38,000
 Before you think i am an carnivora, there's also another menu : baby stringbean!
It's also delicious, but a kind of soft one. Eh.. Dont expect strong spices since it's a chinese restaurant, not indonesian. I heard that they "imported" the chef from hongkong. So they definately has real-original hongkong taste.

I want to try their Paradice (ice cream sandwich) too but too full already :(

So here's the recap :
+ good wifi
+ good service
+ clean food, well served
- high price tag
- crowded
- not spacious
- if you like tasty food, it's not recommended

I might wont be back again, although i was curious about the ice cream.. Well, maybe not in short time.
Have you been in Little Hongkong, Bali?
Do you like it?

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