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MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light Plus

*purchased by ME, non sponsored review*

Hello again!
I was impressed by lots of reviews about how great MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural is, so i decided to try it myself. However, this review is for the older packaging. I am not sure whether they change their formula a bit in the new packaging or not.. The new one looks like this :
courtesy of Karen from
.. seems sturdier right? and it has a mirror!

While my own MSFN is here :

MAC  Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light Plus
10g / 0.35 US OZ
i currently doesn't know how much does it cost in Indonesia, but i hear that the price has increased. I bought it for about idr. 400,000.
Yes the price is high, but it's for 10g product. I usually finish about 4g product in about 6 months so this one supposed to be last for at least 15 months.

Although the packaging seems fragile, but it's sturdy enough. I've dropped it once (along with whole of my make up bag) and it's doing great. However, i wouldn't let it happen again.

the ingredient list
Many girls said that MAC usually make their skin breakout. It doesn't happen to me with the blushes so i think this one will just fine. I haven't check the ingredient list before purchasing (i know, what an ignorance) but now i am! (link for product here)  refer some ingredients as acne triggers but i took Talc and Mica out of list since most powder nowadays has it. It's so hard to avoid them, and their score as acne trigger ingredients is just one. So we'll jump to the next :

Simmondsia Chinensis (jojoba) Seed Oil - aside from who refers it as both acne trigger and irritant ingredient, the other sources are said Jojoba seed oil is good for acne treatment since it's really like human's sebum and the use will mislead skin to produce less amount of sebum since they think they've got enough.

Isopropyl Palmitate - is comedogenic, so thick that could deprive skin from nutrients, even oxygen!
this one scores 4 as acne trigger and 1 as irritant
if you prone to breakout, better to avoid this.

I am using shade Light Plus.
I usually about NC 25-30, and the color match me quite well.
If i do applied to much, it's being too light for my skintone, but most of the time it's just good.

The shade in pan.
Since it's Mineralize and (i think it's) baked, powder is dome-shaped.

The closure part is clear means there's no mirror. Also it makes the whole packaging seems less sturdy. I was worried about it, but in my hand it feels strong and sturdy enough.

and there's my swatch :

top : softly blended, below : heavy swatch
MSFN texture is powdery, so be careful not to swipe your brush on. I prefer to tap gently all around the powder area. Swiping makes it spread out, makes it so messy in compact.
The coverage is medium-high, since it also can be use as powder foundation, setting powder and many else.

Actually, i haven't play so much with this baby since it's gives me breakout every single time i use it.. But i've tried it at least 10 times before realizing what happened, which with my bad skin condition, i think everything could come and destroy it.

MSFN's ingredients might be not suit me so well, but i like the result.
Maybe later?
Oh i wish my skin would getting better soon..

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