Monday, July 21, 2014

Mizon Multi Function Formula Snail Repair Eye Cream

*purchased by me*

Well, i am in mid 20s and i need an eye cream.
I know that basically, eye cream is face moisturizer and i will spend too much money for so little product. But.. i've tried using my face moisturizer around my eyes and they're sting because they're too thick/runny/gel based and it's took so long to absorb around my eyes..
Then i was ordered some korean skincare, when the nice seller offer me this baby. It is travel size so the price wouldn't choke my wallet alot.

Before i babbling so much, please read the information below to know more about my current eye cream :  Mizon Multi Function Formula Snail Repair Eye Cream (what a name eh?)

okay my current problem is i am having sensitive eye
Sound amazing right?
Now we're into the product :

 Mizon Multi Function Formula Snail Repair Eye Cream
15ml (mine is in travel/sample size) 
expired 12 month after opened

 As usual, i can't read the product information at all.
So let's just stick with the information i provided you above.

Mizon Multi Function Formula Snail Repair Eye Cream
light cream, not so thick and not runny
easy to absorb and spread
a little bit sticky right after application, but after several minutes, it's okay

no scent at all

I've using it every night, and several in the morning since mid-january and i still have about 1/4 tube. Since it cost me less than IDR. 80,000 i think it's good value.
It doesn't cause me breakout and does provided moisturizer i need around my eyes.
However since i have no dark circle and no wrinkle, i don't know how effective it is.

I do loves this baby, and it comes in tube which is very thoughful. No extra germs!
Will repurchase for sure.

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Do you know if there's another snail based eye cream which work on you?
or you simply use your snail based moisturizer around your eyes?

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