Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bless Acne Series : Cleansing Foam & Tonic

Before talking about review, i wanna share you my story with Bless' Promotion Executive (not sure if it's okay to write her name here, so i will just refer her as "PE"), which i think is a pleasant experience. Ooh but if you think my babbles are unbearable, please skip and go ahead to product review.. I am fine :)

That thay, she was email me whether i wanna try their new Healthy Glow Foundation. Me, having so much trouble with my skin not sure if it's okay to endorse a product i know wouldn't be good with my sensitive skin. But still, new product is always makes me tempting. So i replied, asking if it's okay for oily, sensitive and acne prone skin. The PE said even Healthy Glow Foundation is light and safe for daily use, they wouldn't recommend it for acne skin. But they do offer if i wanna try their Acne Series. Of course i said YES (i tempted for any help, my skin is that bad that time). However, i still wanna try the new light foundation, and think i wanna get it once i get better.

And then the package's coming with not only the Acne cleansing foam and tonic, but also sample from many product (will review one by one, some i've reviewed are : Bless Sunscreen lotion SPF 19, and Bless Sensitive Skin Series). And they also put a sample of Healthy Glow Foundation in! Hurrryaaah~ 

I am so sorry i forgot to move picture of product came in, but here's the catalogue they sent me too :

seriously, i think the gift card is voucher *LOL*

sweet ~ feel so touched that they do care
Originally, i wasn't mean to write about behind-the-scene story about me and the company but i was so disappointed by some company that i visited. Think about service and everything! Well it's for another time i guess. But in short, i am easier to hurt for bad company act and harder to be pleased. In the other hand, i am trying to served better. Not just in my blog, of course.

.................................. Continue to product review ...................................

Acne Cleansing Foam
50ml (IDR 34,500), 100ml (IDR 51,000)

Acne Cleansing Tonic
60ml (IDR 33,500) 

I am happily inform you, has 17% off for set purchased.
Period ended at August 30th 2014.

Acne Cleansing Foam

 Riched with Vitamin E, cleaning and moisturizing face. Bless Acne Cleansing Foam is a cleanser with pH balance, it's guarding stability of skin barrier without causing irritation. Bless Acne Cleansing Foam has anti bacterial properties to help prevent acne.

ingredient list

 Contains of SLS, Fragrance and Parabens.
Okay, i was told that cleanser's ingredient are not too important since it doesn't last long on your skin.

But i have to told you that the fragrance is noticeable. It's floral and sometimes remind me of old chilhood days. I just don't remember what it smells like.

BLESS Acne Cleansing Foam

Now i am nearly finish my tube and i can give you a review for it.

First, it's never cause me breakout. Not in my hard days, not in my better days. No extra blackhead found. So i would say it's safe.
Second, even it's in cream form, it doesn't produce too much foam therefore it doesn't drying your skin. The result after cleansing is not so clean feeling but when i check using cotton pad and toner, no dirt left.
Third, i've checked the pH number and i got number 5.5 and as far as i know, it's good for cleanser.

Acne Cleansing Tonic

 is a cleanser and refreshner that can refresh acne skin and help to prevent oil from acne skin. Contains of salicylic acid that functioned as antiseptic, anti fungi, and stimulating new skin growth.

It is suggested to use with cotton pad, but i haven't tried it. I always pour to my bare hand, and pat around my face.

Talking about packaging, it is small and made from plastic. But the closure is tight and totally safe. I never experience leaking accident with it.
The product is pink (yes, PINK) but on my hand it's only sheer pink.


Well. It's also has Fragrance in second last, but not offensive. The scent gone once you put the product on your face.
It does smells alcoholic a lil bit since it's contains of ethanol too.

 I am still having 1/4 product even i use it everyday and sometimes even add it to my back acne (refreshing, really).

As the Cleansing Foam, it doesn't cause me breakout at all. And being an awesome, it's also help in oil control department (normal skin may found it drying though).
As bonus, it's also drying acne! WOW!

In short, i like it but there's not enough acne healing properties so i need to use separate acne lotion/cream. And it does stinging if touched to wounded area.

Personally i add benzoyl peroxide cream with them and i think the result is nice. BUT i don't know which one is the workhorse.
Between them, if you want to feel an instant effect, consider to pick the Tonic. At least you can feel the oil control side instantly. For long term effect, take both.
And benzoyl peroxide of couse, LOL

Happy Indonesian Independence Day!!

** sponsored post but i keep my honest review.


  1. you are right that cleansing products should not be too complicated with ingredients because they will wash off. But, as you said, they should smell nice and not irritate you either (and cleanse perfectly). And cleansers to combat acne need a lot of things: non-irritating, non-clogging, somewhat exfoliating. And the workhorse is often a combination of things ;)

    1. hi BirkinBagBeauty,
      so that's why they makes a great team but i guess salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide is really great to combat acne, since Paula Begoun (paula choice's founder) also use them in her Clear line.

      Guess that i've use the right products :)


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